KOC talking to himself about Kirelenko

This is an imaginary conversation KOC had with himself about Kirelenko.

KOC #1: I have done a good job this summer. I have improved our perimeter defense, 3 point shooting, pick n’ roll defense, the wing position. I got something for nothing. I made our team better.

KOC #2: That’s fine but what have you done for me lately.

KOC #1: What do you mean? This isn't that thing about Kirelenko again is it? I brought in Marvin Williams doesn't that end the conversation?

KOC #2: I said please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top and nothing. I think he would bring a lot to this team: would complement our young core well, brings tough defense, can play multiple positions, passes well, plays well off the ball, is a vet that doesn’t demand a lot of minutes, and has develop a great 3 point shot.

KOC #1: But we are set at the wing. Last year we started with 5 wings, this year we probably have 6 (unless Murphy is just another Morris Almond and I can fleece somebody into taking Bell).

KOC #2: We can trade Bell. Plus isn’t Kirelenko a huge upgrade over at least 4 of those players. He would make our team better.

KOC #1: But across 2 positions there is only really room for three main guys’ right? 48 minutes times 2 positions divided by 3 players equals 32 minutes each. I already have my guys and I hate log jams. I am not willing to sacrifice Burks’ development anymore.

KOC #2: What if we play Burks as the backup point guard (picking up 10-20 minutes) and play Kirelenko at the Power forward position part time (picking up 10 – 15 minutes) that gives us 30-35 more minutes. Burks still gets his 32 minutes per game so does Kirelenko.

KOC #1: That’s fine but we already have a log jam at the 4/5 spot remember and you’re suggesting taking away more minutes from our crowd of 4/5s? That won’t work.

KOC #2: We’d have to trade Jefferson or Millsap to make it work.

KOC #1: are you crazy, they are both border-line All Stars and are our best players. Where will the points come from???

KOC #2: But Favors is the future, we traded an All-Star for him because we knew he would be an All-NBA. He will take their place. The only real debate is between Jefferson and Millsap.

KOC #1: How does that elevate our log jam at the wing? I am fuzzy on the math.

KOC #2: At the wing position we would have: Hayward, Williams, ½ Burks, ½ Kirelenko as our main wings. 1 + 1 + ½ + ½ = 3, no log jam. Carroll and Murphy can be injury insurance.

KOC #1: I get it, and at 4/5 spot we have Favors, ½ Kanter, ½ Kirelenko and either Jefferson or Millsap, also no log jam. What about the point guard spot? We just got rid of a log jam there and you want to bring it back.

KOC #2: This is the big sacrifice. We would have Mo Williams (our favorite) for 25 – 30 minutes, Burks for 10 – 15 minutes and two great backups that would be limited to 10 minutes total. We may have to consider a trade later on for one of them. Maybe when Chicago can’t find a temporary point guard or when somebody else looses their point guard they are going to over pay us for a temporary point guard.

KOC #1: What will happen if Kanter develops enough to need more than 20 minutes?

KOC #2: I can see 3 scenarios: 1 – one of Kanter, Burks, Hayward, Ma Williams, or Mo Williams doesn’t develop the way we thought and the minutes get adjust accordingly 2 – They are all awesome and we have to trade somebody but that’s a good thing right? 3 – Or we let a contract expire (Jefferson, Millsap, Mo Williams, etc…)

KOC #1: Won’t we be over the cap if we pay Kirelenko?

KOC #2: Yes but only by a little bit. We should be able to stay safe by dumping Bell and trading a big or point guard by the trade deadline.

KOC #1: What if that doesn’t happen?

KOC #2: We will have 4-5 expiring contracts at the deadline someone will bite.

KOC #1: What do we need to do to make this happen?

KOC #2: Put “the ball in Burks hands this summer,” see what he can do at the Point. Work your magic with 1 more trade Bell and a Big. Work out a deal with Kirelenko.

KOC #1: Won’t Kirelenko be expensive?

KOC #2: He really wants to play here. He respects our owners and our team and wants to be here. I hope he would give us a discount. We really should be able to afford about $7M per year. That is a little low for his expected range but is sounds like he will work with us.

KOC #1: So who are the losers in this deal?

KOC #2: The losers would be Carroll, Evans, Murphy, Watson and Tinsley. Poor Evans.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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