All Things 3rd Best Jazzman & All-Time Jazz Rosters/Lineups

Based on discussion in this thread, , I figured we might as well have a more permanent place to discuss it all.

We all agree Karl is #1 and John is #1.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

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Sap isn't #3, tho IMO when you take into account what the fans/staff/FO want a Jazz player to be in addition to pure playing ability, Sap zooms up the list, and in terms of STRICTLY that other stuff, he may well be 3rd, tho Horny & Eaton are right there too.

And Sap's DAMN good on-court too, one helluva lot better than 99% of the trash John & Karl had to try to beat Magic, Hakeem & MJ with.

In terms of pure on-court, I think AD is #3 followed by DWill. Peak AK may well be better than both of them, but the durability stuff is just too much to overcome IMO. Completly different styles/eras, but AD was much better than Horny, who was much better than Griff.

As for Mark Eaton, it's difficult to describe the impact he made in his heyday. Jazz were a dominant top two defensive team from '85-'90, right there with the Bad Boy Pistons. Of course, on offense...

As for fave Jazz lineups that actually played together, I loved Eaton-Karl-Thurl-Grif-Stock, tho of course Luddite Layden started Rickey Green & Iavaroni. A glance at the stats from '87-88 (prolly the peak of that era) and it looks like Grif got injured and Bobby Hansen was playing the 2 with no dropoff from Grif's injury. Tripucka actaully started that season with the Jazz too. Peak game of that era, certainly peak game of Hansen's career:

DWill-Brew-AK-Booz-Memo with Harp, Sap & Korver off the bench was a dang good top 8, with all the usual qualifiers. No point beating a dead horse, here IMO is the peak game for that era:

I'll go to my grave saying we'd've given the Celtics all they wanted in the Finals....$^!$#^^#*%^#*^ Lakers & stick-in-the-mud-no-risk-same ol'-same ol' Sloan.

I want to fall madly, passionately, transcendantly in love with an Al-Fav-Marv-G-Mo Enes-Sap-Burks-Foye top 9.

My all-time Jazz roster (* = starter):

Bigs: Eaton*, Karl*, Al, Sap, Fav (Big Mark obv couldn't play with today's refs)

Wings: AK*, Horny*, AD, Thurl, G

PG: Stock*, we really need any more guys than those 12? I guess Memo & Rickey Green to make 14? Maybe Korver instead of Rickey to light it up off the bench if we're playing in the more recent era?

Just my .0000000002 Always fun to reminisce, and wish... Boy, that Sap vid made me smile.

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