Summer League 2012: Utah Jazz 16 Man Roster (FOR REALS THIS TIME)

Who's ready to get back to work? These guys are. (Except Jeremy Evans, who needs to enjoy his honeymoon . . . or something . . . I'm not stalking him.)

Hey, sorry about last time. I was going off of the website that only showed the NAMES of 10 guys. I had to dig around for all of this info. And shout out to Spencer Ryan Hall @ for having the names of the 6 guys I missed. So together, this is now the a) complete list, and b) the comprehensive list. As a result, it's way better than the "Official" list on the Jazz website. There is no reason why blogs should have better info than the official website. I'm not doing a remarkable job here. But the team should be. They are, after all, the pros . . .(And this isn't calling out the Jazz web team, they are great. This is the guys between the actual team info and the sharing of that info with the web team. That's the breakdown I'm upset about.)

Everyone from Michael Stockton to Salah Mejri after the jump.

Here's the full list:

College Information Size Pro Experience Pos.
Player School Yr. Ht Wt Age NBA NBA-DL Other PG SG SF PF C
1 Michael Stockton Westminister '11 4 . 6'0 ??? . 23 1 .. x
2 Mike Green Butler '08 2 . 6'0 175 . 27 3 .. x
3 Blake Ahearn Missouri St. '07 4 . 6'2 190 . 28 3 5 .. x x
4 Alec Burks Colorado '11 2 . 6'6 202 . 21 1 .. x x
5 Kyle Weaver Washington St. '08 4 . 6'6 201 . 26 3 3 1 .. x x x
6 Kevin Murphy Tennessee Tech '12 4 . 6'6 185 . 22 R - - .. x x
7 Stephen Graham Oklahoma St. '05 4 . 6'6 215 . 30 6 2 .. x
8 John Millsap Texas-San Antonio '05 2 . 6'6 220 . 30 1 1 .. x x
9 Deron Washington Virginia Tech '08 4 . 6'7 210 . 26 1 1 2 .. x
10 DeMarre Carroll Missouri '09 4 . 6'8 212 . 25 3 1 .. x
11 Tony Gaffney Massachusetts '09 4 . 6'8 215 . 27 1 1 3 .. x x
12 Cedric Simmons North Carolina St. '06 2 . 6'9 235 . 26 3 2 .. x x
13 Justin Knox North Carolina '11 4 . 6'9 240 . 23 ? ? .. x
14 Enes Kanter Turkey '11 - . 6'11 267 . 20 1 1 .. x x
15 Salah Mejri Tunsia '12 - . 7'0 209 . 26 3 .. x
16 Henry Sims Georgetown '12 4 . 7'0 241 . 22 R - - .. x



  • A lot of us want to see Eldrich Bourques at the point, at least to see how it goes. He's going to have to complete against Blake Ahearn (the Steve Nash of the NBA-DL), Mike Green, and John Stockton's son to see some time there.
  • As a result, I'm not expecting him to see a lot of time there during the second half of games. Maybe in the 2nd quarter? Kinda like the O.J. Mayo experiment there at PG a few summer leagues ago?
  • I love Kyle Weaver, and I hope he gets a shot to play well and come into training camp. He's very versatile, and played okay for us before. We don't really have space for him right now -- but who knows what will happen in the next few weeks. We still have to deal with Raja Bell, and his removal. That may open up a spot.
  • Stephen Graham is a super vet who plays hard and knows how to defend. Wait, am I thinking of his twin brother Joey Graham? Is there a difference?
  • John Millsap, Paul Millsap's older brother, gets another chance here. He's played for us before. I just don't see this as anything but a political maneuver.
  • DeMarre should start at the three every game. And Kevin Murphy (our rookie) should come off the bench first in every game. They are opposites, so I'd like to see them on the court together at the same time. Who knows . . . try out a Burks / Murphy / Carroll lineup at the 1/2/3 in some games? Run BMC?
  • Enes. Man, I want to see him dunk it on fools.
  • Salah Mejri . . . is 7 feet tall . . . and weighs 209 pounds. Enes can break him in practice.
  • Saying the Jazz only bring one dude to training camp from our Orlando roster (beyond Burks, Murphy, Carroll, and Kanter), I would pick Henry Sims.
  • Henry Sims is awesome. He's 7' tall, has an NBA ready body. Has legit wingspan (7'4) and is a four year college player at the center academy of Georgetown. Before the draft I was really interested in him as the Jazz pick. I'm happy he went undrafted. He could be our cheap insurance big. I think he has the skills to actually make the team if we don't make any other moves. I'm also crazy. And yes, I know, he doesn't have a crazy name. We're not bringing crazy African dude to Orlando. But we're bringing a guy who prob will play in the NBA one day in Sims. I'm excited to see what he can do.
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