Thought Thippy Thappy Zippy Zappy Thing

And now, a rare talkative thought reflection from your friendly neighborhood Mid-South dwelling Jazz compatriot.

I believe I'm seeing a pattern with the front office - a pattern that explains the Marvin Williams signing. I think, in a telling way, it's related to our frontcourt situation. Here we have a tough situation, three guys that deserve playing time. Why create a similar logjam at wing by bringing in a talented veteran with a 2 year contract? What gives? Well, let's try to understand it. What if the FO has already made up their mind to make trades at the deadline, and they want to make guys compete and win their jobs? Tthat means Marvin Williams was brought in to push Gordon Hayward, so that in the end, though it sounds harsh, either Hayward will end up becoming a star, or short circut and become simply a trade asset. Wait and see. That's ruthless, but a certain part of the job requires ruthlessness.

Now it's not a contract year looming large for Hayward or Marv. But the inspiration for that line of thinking may have come from the same kind of situation I think Al, Paul, and Derrick are in. It's obvious that all three can't get the time they deserve, just like it's obvious that Hayward and Marv, or Burks and Foye won't get they time they deserve. All of them need time to play their best, so why isn't the front office playing for the future? Ah, but Dyl. It turns out that they are playing for the future (next year when all that money comes off the books). Each position bears watching because the front office has good options at each position going into their endgame (the contract year).

Me, I'd trade Al and play Favors at center. The Al Jefferson/Carlos Boozer comparison should be a huge lesson. Al, like Boozer before him, has skills that make him tough to trade. Both Al and Boozer before him kept a young player (Favors/Millsap) on the bench. Millsap turned out damn good. Won't Favors? Make the trade!!

I think Burks needs one more year where he's not the starter, but he needs sixth man minutes. I'd give Millsap and Burks sixth man minutes, honestly. It can be done. That would put Al, Favors, Hayward, Foye, and Mo as our starters, with Millsap and Burks coming off the bench quickly. That works at least until we make a trade.

I am looking forward to having Mo Williams at PG. Will he pressure and score like Devin Harris? No. Will he defend and rack up assists like Tinsley/Watson? No. Will he do both in happily acceptable amounts for our starting PG while providing toughness and leadership? Why yes, Dyl. Yes he will. That's what I'm looking forward to.

At backup point guard, I can't see that we have a great option anywhere. I like Tinsley the best, but he flat out scares me when he shoots. Similar to how a passing team in football has to at least threaten to run occasionally to be effective, the backup point guard has to be at least a THREAT to score, which I'm not sure Jamaal is. Otherwise the passing lanes get a little tricky and the PG has to be very good at facilitating within the system.

Who's left...I'm not sure Evans gets his due this year. Honestly, let's see him develop more of a body or more of a smaller game in the meantime. He can't expect to be more than a project player until he does, though I love what he can bring to the game in spurts.

Well, that's all. Thanks for attending Dyl's Intergalactic Mind Dump Experience! (place your 3D glasses in the bins on the way out)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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