10 things the Jazz should do if Raja Bell doesn't accept a buyout...

I'm getting tired of waiting for Raja to accept the buyout that he said he worked out with the Jazz. Raja made his bed by publicly disclosing his problems with Ty and stating that he had worked out a buyout with the team. My opinion is Raja hasn't been able to find a team that is willing to pay him the difference between his Jazz contract and the agreed upon buyout, and he is hoping the Jazz waive him. Yes, this is all speculation.

If this is the case, I hope the Jazz don't waive him because I've come up with ten ways that Raja can be utilized this upcoming basketball season so that he earns his $3M salary.

10 - Siberian talent scout. Everyone knows that Europe has a wealth of players. Who knows what talent Raja can find in the frigid Siberian tundra. Yeti's probably make for good centers.

9 - Energy Solutions Arena janitor. I hear there are a few bathrooms that can be scrubbed and quite a bit of trash that needs to be taken out at the ESA after each home game. I know he'd only work for 41 games, but he could make that up by cleaning up after concerts and other events held at ESA during the season.

8 - ESA hot dog vendor. How cool would it be to buy a hot dog from Raja during a game? You could even quiz him on why he got sent packing for a game last year.

7 - Send him to the D-league affiliate New Jersey Jackpotters. This little known D-league team can help Raja hone his skills of standing around, shooting ill-advised three point shots, and on his gay elf defense.

6 - Car salesman. I'm sure Larry H. Miller Automotive could use another car salesman. The skills Raja learns at this job will help him next year when he negotiates a new NBA contract, plus the skills will come in handy if he ever needs to sell a flop to a ref. Larry H. Miller Automotive could donate the commissions he earns to charity. It's a win-win for everyone.

5 - Lawnmower. Raja could take care of the other players yards, as well as the Miller's yard, and the yards of all employees of the Utah Jazz. Hopefully they give him a riding lawn mower as I don't know if his legs will hold up.

4 - Jazz dancer. While none of us particularly want to see Raja in a Jazz dancer outfit, you know you'd pay to see him dance with the Jazz dancers to the tune of Maneater.

3 - Sidekick to the Jazz Bear. The Bear's always needed a sidekick. Wouldn't it be fun to see the Bear play practical jokes on Raja at half time and during time outs?

2 - Surrogate rookie. Currently there seems to be a rookie deficiency on the Jazz roster. Raja could be labelled a rookie thereby giving Alex Bourquinos and Enes Kanter an extra rookie to haze. We all know that Enes has been looking forward to this season for a long time.

1 - Bean counter. There's always room for another accountant in a conglomeration of companies as diverse as the Larry H. Miller group. Raja will be wishing he accepted the buyout in no time at all.

What do you think the Jazz should do with Raja if he doesn't accept the buyout and the Jazz don't waive him?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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