The value of Millsap, Jefferson and other Jazz assets

The Jazz have been very active this offseason making our team, in my opinion, better while maintaining great flexibility. I believe, as well as many here, that there is room and a need for more moves. I love throwing around fake trades. I love debating with others about them. But in order to make trades, the first step is to understand what we have: our assets. As Jazz homers, we probably value our own assets to high. However, I'd be interested in finding out how SLCDunkers value our assets--players and picks.

I thought about this in relation to the GS pick and our obsession with trading either Millsap or Jefferson. I, like many here, tend to value picks really high--there is so much potential and we don't have to really pay them for 3-4 years. I also love Millsap. I value him as a quality starter, quality person, possibly third wheel on a championship contender. And he won't break the bank. When I think about packaging the GS pick and Millsap together, I think that is a pretty great package for a young PG for our future, i.e. Jrue Holiday or John Wall. If faced with such a trade, would I do it?

So I am interested to see what the value of our assets is. For the sake of argument, what would be the lowest you'd accept back for a player or package of players. After the jump, I'll throw out a few of our assets that I think would be tradable. To put a value on them, list a player/s you'd be willing to receive in return, i.e. I'd want at least a first round pick and Eric Bledsoe for Jefferson and GS pick.

Here are a few I'd be willing to trade for the right price:



Millsap and Kanter/Burks

Jefferson and Kanter/Burks

Millsap and GS pick

Jefferson and GS pick

Millsap, GS pick and Kanter/Burks

Jefferson, GS pick and Kanter/Burks

Give me your thoughts.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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