Big Al for Noah?

Rumor on some Turkish blog so whatever. Interesting tho.

Noah makes almost 4 mil less this season, Noah-Fav-Marv-G-Mo is easily the best defensive unit in the league, Noah is a great post passer (maybe 2nd to Pau), does lotsa things without the ball which is exactly what we need but MAN, his contract…. Three more seasons after this one at 12-13-14.

Not close to the worst in the league, but that’s a commitment for a rich man’s Birdman. Definitely a franchise altering move with the new cap rules.

Straight long-term salary dump by Chicago, their cap is catastrophic, and they’re not going anywhere this year anyway but I guess they need somebody capable of getting a shot off. Be good for Al, get plenty of high-profile run in a contract year. Al-Boozer should be a sight defensively, Thibodeau would go crazy.

I dunno if I do it if I’m Jazz. It’s a no-brainer if not for that final year of Noah’s deal, and he’s had more than a few bumps & bruises, but if it worked we’re right in the mix for a ring. Certainly means the end of Millsap and either Burks or Kanter in ‘15-16. I lean towards doing it, it’s the best immediate value we could get for Al, so long as it’s made clear to Ty that we are now defense-first, move the ball on offense. No more black hole. I would want to include Raja & Earl (5.4 this year, expiring) for Rip (5 this year, team option for 5 next year), clear out some cancer, tho I guess Rip might squawk fighting Burks for minutes.

I probably do it, if you’re going to gamble, gamble on defense, size & athleticism. Giant upgrade on defense, and with the right offensive tweaks could really bring out the Favors-Hayward PnR game. But I don’t lose any sleep if I don’t do it either.

A buddy of mine leans against doing it, but doesn't hate it either.


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