Minutes Distribution Wish List

Assuming Kevin Murphy gets signed and Raja stays on the team, the Jazz roster is at the 15 player cap. I thought it would be interesting to try and break down the minutes to see how they might be split up. I think most here are in agreement about playing the young blood some more, but where exactly will the minutes come from? How do the recent pickups figure in?

I made a google doc with kind of an early wish list for team minutes - the first sheet is locked, but anyone should feel free to edit or make a new sheet (the tabs down below). Just edit the minute boxes under the position, and everything gets totaled for you (green = good, red = bad).

Anyway here is the link - I made 5 blank entries at the bottom that anyone can feel free to edit (maybe rename it if you don't want others to screw with it). If those all get filled simply right click on one and hit "duplicate" to create and new sheet to edit.

Google Doc Jazz Minutes

I'll include some thoughts I had after going through this exercise after the jump.

Raja will not be dressing for the Jazz this year - the relationship between him and the organization is too damaged to repair. He might be a great guy, but at this stage it doesn't really seem like there would be any benefit to playing him anyway.

Barring massive injuries, I would guess Kevin Murphy does not dress either. He has some promise for a 2nd rounder, but summer league showed he has a bit of work to do before he gets a real shot in the NBA. He would probably be best served by heavy doses of D league action and coaching to season his game and body.

So without injury, that leaves 13 players that really deserve playing time and bring something when they step on the court....but there really is no way to go more than 10 deep once you start breaking down minutes. I don't think it does a player much good to get 2 minutes here or there - most people would struggle to get into a groove under those conditions.

Mo, Foye, and Burks form a trio of guards with some SG/PG skills. While none of them are likely our PG of the future, I think they all bring more to the court than either Watson or Tinsley. I like both those guys, but the talent disparity is too big. Watson's lack of offensive skills made it too easy on opposing defenses, and Jamaal is crafty but too old to play much D. We really should only keep one for a backup PG role in case of injury, and I say we ship Watson (for his own good - Im sure he wants more time than we can give) at the first chance. We should ask the first team with a PG injury for cash or a 2 rounder (after discussing it with Earl).

Even after discounting the 3 I mentioned (Raja, Kevin, Earl) I still found myself unable to give quality minutes to Tinsley, Carroll, and Evans. Tinsley is insurance and I think he should be fine with that role. Carroll is a hustler who I would love to give minutes, but unless he can outperform Marvin he might have to wait around for an injury.

Evans won't sniff the court in a meaningful minute without injury or a trade. In case you guys haven't heard, we have something of a logjam up front... It is definitely possible to give Al, Sap, and Favors all 30ish minutes a game, but my sheet went only 9 deep and gave Kanter 15 minutes... I think the the PG logjam has a more obvious solution, the need to fix the front court is more pressing. I would strongly prefer to trade Big Al (I know I put him down for 30 minutes but it was more a reluctant acceptance that Ty will continue to lean on Al the CONQUEROR). Seems like an awesome guy, but I have no interest in keeping him long term and he is not going to lead us to a championship this year. He just doesn't bring enough to the court when the ball is not in his hands on the low block, and that style of play is just not fun Jazz basketball.

Not sure what his price will be, but I would love to keep Sap at around 10 million/year. People who say he can't play some SF are crazy and are too hung up on positions. He would be awesome running the pick and roll/pop on the high post - he is a good shooter and passer, and definitely athletic enough to roll and finish. You could keep the middle open as long as you included some shooters in the big lineup (we just got a few capable ones and I think Kanter can also shoot adequately from the elbow). Sap is a great competitor, and I don't worry about finding him 8 minutes/game where he can defend a SF. I have even seen him try to defend guards on other teams. Yes this won't work all the time, but it doesn't have to. THink about the issues it will cause the team on the other end.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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