Jazz have 5th best unis in the NBA!

The matchup between basketball skills was fairly one-sided in our one playoff series ... but the matchup between uniforms was epic.

For those who are unaward, ESPN hosts an entertaining little blog called Uni Watch, by Paul Lukas. Basically, he covers everything about uniforms. Literally everything. Every stripe, every patch, every font change ... everything is poured over in his blog.

It is one of my favorites to read.

Well, Lukas decided to do a Power Ranking of all 122 NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL uniforms. They are based on current uniforms, so the Astros don't get extra points for these.

The Jazz ranked #22 out of all the teams. Only four NBA teams got higher (Warriors, Lakers, Spurs, and Celtics ... you could argue about them, but what's the point: they all look really sharp).

Here's what he had to say about the Jazz uniforms:

Right, we all know it's silly to have a team in Utah called the Jazz, but so what? There are no lakes or trolleys to dodge in L.A., but nobody complains about the Dodgers' and Lakers' names. Team names aside, the Jazz's current set is a beauty, and it's so much better than all of the purple and teal nonsense they'd been using previously.

I suppose this means that the uniforms from the Deron Years were so bland that they ended up forgettable, literally.

It's been suggested that some Utah Stars retro uniforms would be awesome. I agree. But I'm not sure we ought to bring back some retro warm up jackets from the same team.

As for other noteworthy bits in the rankings: the Sacramento Kings' unis ranked dead last. And I don't mean worst in the NBA ... I mean 122nd out of all 122 teams in the fours sports. NJ Nets (he can't rank Brooklyn because they haven't been revealed yet), ranked 120.

And who has the #1 uniform in all sports? The Montreal Canadiens.

* * *

For the curious, here's what Lukas generally says about uniforms:

  • classics, understated but distinctive, stripes, one or two bold/unique yet classy quirks, etc. = good
  • weird swooshes, mismatched colors, noisy, black-for-black sake, unnecessary side panels, unreadable fonts, mixing up understatement with bland, and teal/purple = bad
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