What We Could See in 2012-13 or Lineup Cornucopia

Here are some lineup thoughts for our coaching staff based on 2011-12 stats for players currently on our roster.

Note I've listed in parenthesis the stat used to create the lineup, and I've listed the players in descending order (i.e. the first player listed ranked the highest based on the stat selected and the next player the second highest, and so forth). Also, I listed in parentheses player honorable mentions.

Look the lineups over and let me know the lineup that intrigues you the most.

1. Offense (offensive rating)-

Big Al, Sap, Carroll, Hayward, Bell (tied: Foye, Tinsley)

2. Defense (defensive rating)-

Marv, Watson, Favors, Sap, Foye (Kanter)

3. Net offense/defense (offensive rating minus defensive rating)-

Sap, Big Al, Marv, Foye, Hayward (Watson)

4. Offensive rebound (offensive rebound percent)-

Kanter, Favors, Evans, Sap, Carroll (Big Al)

5. Defensive rebound (defensive rebound percent)-

Big Al, Kanter, Favors, Sap, Marv (Evans)

6. Rebounds (rebound percent)-

Kanter, Favors, Big Al, Sap, Evans (Marv)

7. Assists (assist ratio)-

Watson, Tinsley, Hayward, Evans, Mo (Foye)

8. No turnovers (turnover ratio)-

Big Al, Marv, Evans, Carroll, Foye (Bell)

9. Shoot the lights out (eFG%)-

Evans, Bell, Hayward, Mo, tied: Sap & Favors (tied: Foye & Kanter)

10. Veterans of more than 5 years and less than 10 years (years in league)-

Tied: Sap & Foye, Marv, Big Al, tied: Mo & Tinsley

11. Sophomore/Junior team (years in league)-

Tied: Burks & Kanter, tied: Hayward & Favors & Evans

12. Corner three's (corner three percent)-

Bell, Marv, Mo, Sap, Hayward (Foye)

13. All other three's (above the break three percent)-

Carroll, Foye, Mo, tied: Marv & Burks & Bell (Hayward)

14. Mid-range magic (mid range percent)-

Mo, tied: Big Al & Bell, Hayward, Tinsley (Marv)

15. In the paint (non restricted area percent)-

Bell, tied: Big Al & Tinsley, Hayward, Mo (Sap)

16. Throw it down (restricted area percent)-

Bell, Evans, Sap, Big Al, tied: Favors & Carroll (tied: Hayward, Burks, Kanter)

17. Geriatric team (oldest players on team)-

Bell, Tinsley, Watson, Mo, Foye (tied: Big Al & Sap)

18. Newborn team (youngest players on team)-

Kanter, tied: Burks & Favors, tied: Hayward & Murphy (Evans)

19. Big lineup (height)-

Kanter, tied: Big Al & Favors, tied: Marv & Evans (tied: Sap, Hayward, Carroll)

20. Small lineup (height)-

Tied: Mo & Watson, Tinsley, Foye, Bell (tied: Burks & Murphy)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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