Big Al should play 24 min/game - A subjectively objective minutes distribution system


1. Create ideal playing rotation template.
2. Rank Jazz players by current production/ability and award points based on ranking.
3. Rank Jazz players by their future value and importance to the team (takes potential and contract situation into account) and award points based on ranking.
4. Add together points and assign final positional ranking.
5. Insert players into ideal playing rotation template based on rankings.
6. Perform eye check to make sure it all makes sense.

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1. I think that Ty's biggest problem this year is that he is going to have to learn to say no. There are a lot of players who are going to want/deserve playing time and he just won't be able to make everyone happy. I think that teams should stick to a 9-10 player rotation during the regular season. That leaves 4-6 players without any playing time. I'm fine with that even if those guys bust their butts in practice. Those guys will end up getting playing time due to injuries ahead of them through the course of the season anyway. I also don't believe that your 5 best guys have to start, they just need to play the most minutes. Here's my ideal rotation:

Position Min
PG #1 32
PG #2 16
Wing #1 34
Wing #2 30
Wing #3 24
Wing #4 8
Big #1 34
Big #2 30
Big #3 24
Big #4 8

2. Here are my rankings for current production. These are subjective and could be argued, but they tend to be more or less in line with all the rankings we've been talking about online.

Current Performance
Rank Player Points
1 Millsap 15
2 Big Al 14
3 Hayward 13
4 Favors 12
5 Mo 11
6 Marvin 10
7 Burks 9
8 Foye 8
9 Kanter 7
10 Evans 6
11 Carrol 5
12 Watson 4
13 Tinsley 3
14 Murphy 2
15 Bell 1

3. Here are my future value rankings. I put the core 4 first based on likelihood that they become all star caliber guys. I think we should keep Sap or Big Al as our 3rd big after this season if they can be had for a reasonable price.

Future Value
Rank Player Points
1 Favors 15
2 Hayward 14
3 Burks 13
4 Kanter 12
5 Millsap 11
6 Big Al 10
7 Mo 9
8 Marv 8
9 Foye 7
10 Evans 6
11 Murphy 5
12 Carrol 4
13 Watson 3
14 Tinsley 2
15 Bell 1

4. Here is the combined chart with positional rankings.

Current Performance + Future Value
Rank Player Points Positional Rank
1 Favors 27 Big #1
2 Hayward 27 Wing #1
3 Millsap 26 Big #2
4 Big Al 24 Big #3
5 Burks 22 Wing #2
6 Mo 20 PG #1
7 Kanter 19 Big #4
8 Marv 18 Wing #3
9 Foye 15 PG #2 , Wing #4
10 Evans 12 Backup Big
11 Carrol 9 Backup Wing
13 Watson 7 Backup PG
12 Murphy 7 Scrub
14 Tinsley 5 Scrub
15 Bell 2 Gone

5. Here are the assigned minutes.

Position Player Min
PG #1 Mo 32
PG #2 Foye 16
Wing #1 Hayward 34
Wing #2 Burks 30
Wing #3 Marvin 24
Wing #4 Foye 8
Big #1 Favors 34
Big #2 Millsap 30
Big #3 Big Al 24
Big #4 Kanter 8

This passes the eye test for me except for Kanter's 8 minutes per game. In the big picture, I am ok with that. There will be injuries ahead of him that will give him more playing time. Like I said before, some people that deserve/want playing time may not get it. That's not Ty's fault, it's the front office for putting him in this position. I don't want to get into that argument because that isn't the point of this post. I am looking at who is on the team and what minutes they should get. Even if Kanter ends up averaging 10-12 minutes a game this year and then steps up to 24-30 the following year I don't think that will hold his development back in any noteworthy way. Also, I don't really care who starts, I just want to see the minutes distributed as shown above. If I had to pick I'd say start Mo, Hayward, Marv, Sap, Favors with Burks as our super sub and Big Al destroying 2nd unit bigs. Looking at this rotation I think that puts us as a top 4 team in the west.

What does everyone else think? What would you change?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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