Why do you people think Corbin is such a bad coach?

Seriously guys, every choice he made was the right one. He might not be the best at communicating with the players, but other than that, I think he had a pretty successful year.

Here are some of the goals he accomplished:

1) He made the playoffs!!!! Without a training camp, practices, or any time whatsoever to implement a new offense (which is why he did the Big Al ISO post so much). I know you complain about the offense a ton, and stop whining about it, it will most likely change. If it doesn't, THAT'S when you can complain about him being a worse coach than we expected. But for now, he was just using the simplest offense he could while still being somewhat efficient.

2) He made the playoffs without having to start Favors or Burks. Stop complaining about them not playing any minutes. Sloan wouldn't have played them this year, and you would've been somewhat fine with that. What he was doing was making the young guys hungry. Burks said it himself, he's used to being "the man". Do we want that type of selfishness on the team when we have guys like Favors and Hayward? I think we wanted to humble him a little bit, same with Favors. Hayward is already humble as they come, so he got minutes. And about Favors, now next year he has something to prove. I'm beating a dead horse here, I've said this a ton, but did you see Favors' face during the SA series? Just seeing that, I'm extremely excited for this coming season.

Another thing on that point, teams that start all their young guys (at least in their first few years), don't usually win much. We wanted to win, and still develop them, and we succeeded.

3) This was his first full season. Not many coaches make the playoffs during their first season of a rebuild/retool as far as I know of. Even when they have training camps to implement offenses, and allstars on their team.

4) He might've made some mistakes, but they were actually very good ideas at the time. He put Howard in during the SA series, because he was a vet. They signed him to give a little bit of stability during the regular season (which he did somewhat), and a boost in the playoffs (which just didn't pan out right, it wasn't really anybody's fault, Josh just didn't catch on fire in the playoffs like we hoped). Putting Howard in meant that Corbin was trying to win the series, or at least a few games. Playing Howard, you have somewhat of a chance of winning if he catches fire, where playing DeMarre, we just lose in a valiant type of way.

5) Also, our young players definitely looked better by the end of the season than they did at the beginning, which is partly because of more experience, and partly because of the coaches. I don't know how better a job they could've done, again, there weren't many practices, but they definitely did a good job with what they had. It seemed like they were proactive during games, giving advice to the young guys on the bench when our vets weren't.

Overall, hindsight is 20/20, but it seemed like Corbin was making all the smart decisions. I'm just sick of all the Big Al hate, and all the Corbin hate. They're part of the Utah Jazz too, and they won us games. Big Al might not be Karl Malone, but he's certainly allstar-caliber. Corbin may be a rookie coach, but he's a pretty dang smart one.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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