3 reasons why Ty Corbin should be fired

I am not a big fan of Ty Corbin. Last night I was thinking about it and I came to the realization that I can't ever picture Ty Corbin as the coach of a championship team.

I'm sorry. I am just not buying Ty Corbin as being an above average coach now or anytime soon in the future. And he has definitely proven he is not ever going to be an elite coach. All Ty Corbin supporters, please talk me into why I should believe that he is the guy who is going to take us to the next level. I can get into all sorts of details about why I don't believe in him but here are the 3 biggest points:

1. In terms of wins/losses he hasn't made the Jazz significantly better. Most educated fans predicted the Jazz would fight for the 8 seed last year. We got real lucky with injuries/etc. and squeeked into the 8 seed last year. Congratulations, you barely pulled off what most people thought what happen. Same thing happening this year. Nobody would call the Jazz a surprising success since Corbin took over.

2. Player development. Guys don't seem to be getting better due to anything Ty is doing. The only thing I could credit him for is that Hayward is shooting better (mostly due to Horny according to Hayward himself) and Favor's free throw % is up. Kanter seemed to make huge leaps but it was all in the offseason when he wasn't working with the team. I would say that Kanter has actually regressed since the season started. Burks is a disaster. Guys, we are talking about two #3 picks and two other lottery picks. These aren't guys that you should hope stick in the NBA, these are guys that you should expect to be game changers. #3's in the past few years: Harden, Horford, Dwill, Carmelo, Pau Gasol, Baron Davis, Chauncey Billups, Stackhouse, Grant Hill, Anfernee Hardaway. Looking down the list it seems to be that 50% of #3's are franchise players and 80% make at least one all-star game with a couple busts thrown in there. Are you confident that under Ty we will be getting a franchise player out of either Kanter or Favors? An all-star? Don't even get me started on Burks...

3. Playing the wrong players. David Berri did a large study on how much NBA coaches influence winning and how they do it. He said that basically there are 2 ways a coach can influence winning. 1. playing your best players and 2. getting your players to perform better. In his research only a very small handful of coaches in the history of the nba actually get players to perform better. So the majority of coaching success is related to identifying and playing the best players on your team. Guess who was ranked #28 at that in 2012? Ty Corbin. His brilliant decisions had a 1% correlation between mpg and wins per 48. He has a horrible track record to the point that the national media (who never pay attention to the Jazz) are openly mocking him and writing damning articles about it. Basically, if the #1 indicator of a successful coach is playing the right players, and Ty Corbin is horrible at it, he should be fired. Here is a link to that research: Wages of Wins (PS, Phil Jackson is #1 at getting players to play better and #1 at playing the right players... coincidence that he's won 11 rings?, Pop is #2 at getting players to play better and #8 at playing the right players... Jerry Sloan isn't even on the list of getting players to play better but is #2 in playing the right players...) Here is a specific quote from the article: Utah seems to have lost their way after losing Jerry Sloan and with the upheaval in their front office after being a model franchise for decades at playing the right guys. (you depressed yet?)

Here is a list of available coaches that I would definitely want to have over Ty:

Stan Van Gundy

Alvin Gentry (my favorite on this list and has a great track record of playing the right guys)

Mike Brown

Nate McMillan

Here are some coaches worth looking at:

David Blatt

Jeff Hornacek

Jeff Van Gundy

Scott Skiles

What do you guys think? Am I wrong? Am I overreacting? Am I missing something?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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