Eastern Conference trade partners by team

First off, I would like to state that I wish we didn't have to consider trading away the 2 players that always come up in trade conversations but I understand it is inevitable.

Paul Millsap might be the epitome of Jazz basketball. He's humble, hard working, wants to be in Utah and is always trying to improve, but we all believe that he is undersized and that Favors will become a better player. I only hope that as Favors takes his place, we can find an "Millsap-like" player to follow him off the bench for less money.

It also took us so long to find a big man that could actually contribute and not be a waste of space. Al is an incredible scorer and has so much heart. He too wants to be in Utah and is a great teammate when he decides to be a willing passer. In my humble opinion Kanter better have a really strong backup as well if we decide to move Al.

I have proposed some trades below with all 14 Eastern conference teams. Some teams might not think getting Millsap or Jefferson would be enough for what they would have to give up, but the numbers worked out evenly on both sides.

I am a big believer that If we choose to make a trade, that we had better look for an upgrade at PG if our intent is to hand the reins over to Burks, Hayward, Favors and Kanter. I will list the teams in bold that help us accomplish that.

ATL - J Teague (PG), Lou Williams (SG) / Millsap, Tinsley Millsap would be a nice compliment to Josh Smith and Al Horford but we would have to decide whether we thought Teague / L Williams > Mo Williams / Foye going forward

BOS - A Bradley (PG), J Green (PF) / Millsap, Tinsley

BKN - M Brooks (SG), Humphreys (PF) / Millsap, Foye, Tinsley

CHA - K Walker (PG), T Thomas (PF) / Millsap, Tinsley

CHI - I don't see any trade interest here

CLE - Dion Waiters (SG), T Thompson (PF) / Millsap

DET - B Knight (PG), T Prince (SF), G Monroe (C) / Millsap, Kanter

IND - DJ Augustine (PG), G Green (SF), D West (PF) / Mo Williams, Millsap or DJ Augustine (PG), D Granger (SF) / Mo Williams, Foye, Bell

MIA - Miller (SG), Haslem (PF) , Millsap, Tinsley

MIL - B Udrih (PG), Illyasova (SF), L Sanders (C) / Jefferson, Tinsley

NYK - R Felton (PG), S Novak (SG), K Thomas (PF) / Millsap, Tinsley

ORL - JJ Reddick (SG), G Davis (PF) / Millsap, Foye

PHI - J Holiday (PG), L Allen (PF) / Millsap

TOR - J Calderon (PG), A Bargnani (C) / Jefferson, Bell, Tinsley or K Lowry (PG), A Bargnani (C) / Jefferson, Tinsley

WAS - J Wall (PG), E Okafor (C) / Jefferson, Foye, Tinsley or J Wall (PG), B Beal (SG), E Okafor (C) / Mo Williams, Jefferson

Analysis - My favorite trade partners in the East are CHA, DET, IND, NYK, PHI, TOR and WAS with IND or TOR being the most likely to accept leaving TOR as my favorite

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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