Another hypothetical trade with the Lakers and Raptors

Here is the hypothetical trade:

Another crazy trade idea

OK, the added kicker is that we send the better of our 2 first round picks this year to Toronto in this trade.

Why each team does it:

Toronto is clearly going nowhere and seems to have given up on Lowry. In this scenario they get out from under Landry Fields contract and get a mid first round draft pick. We may have to throw in a future first as well. Big Al is a guy that they can ride to the playoffs in future years if they decide to try and resign him in the offseason. (Trust me, they aren't going for championships, they'd love to just make the playoffs)

Lakers desperately need to get players that better match D'antoni system and fit in with Howard. I can't imagine a better big to play alongside Howard than Millsap, especially if his shooting continues to improve. Williams also gives them exactly what they need with a big guy who can stretch the floor. Landry Fields gives them the added depth that they need. I think that the Lakers love this deal.

Jazz need a PG of the future and we all assume that we'll need another legit big to pair with Favors and Kanter for the next couple years but at the same time don't want to commit big money long term. This is a perfect solution to both of those problems. We get a legit PG that would really fit our system well and an All-Star big to continue mentoring our young bigs but at the same time he will come off the books in time to sign the young guys to big money extensions. As for giving up a couple first rounders to get these guys... Do you really think you can guarantee that you'll draft a guy of Lowry's caliber in the mid to late first round? I think that it's highly unlikely. Mid first rounders in the best scenarios are solid role players or bench contributors. I value Lowry higher than 2 "solid" contributors. And not to sound like I'm drinking the Koolaid too much, but I do think that it is good to have a good mix of vets and young guys. I think the whole re-build from the ground up with youth train has passed. The time to have done that was last year.

I think that the only team that thinks twice about this is Toronto, but throw in 2 firsts if you have to I think we get it done.

That leaves the Jazz with this depth chart for the rest of the year:

PG: Lowry, Mo, Watson, Tinsley

SG: Foye, Burks

SF: Hayward, Carrol

PF: Favors, Evans

C: Gasol, Kanter

Next year we'd have the following guys under contract:

PG: Lowry, Burks

SG: Burks, Murphy

SF: Hayward

PF: Favors, Evans

C: Gasol, Kanter

We'd have plenty of space to chase a couple decent wing players (Foye and Carrol included in that group) and a 3rd PG (Tinsley? or d-league guy?) and also a draft pick or two to work with.

What do you guys think? Who says no to that deal? Does that make us better in the long run?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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