NBA Training Camp 2013: Utah Jazz season can't come soon enough, get NBA 2K14 today to help pass the time

They may have messed up his ratings and look, but they gave him a free copy of the game at least. - Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

We are pretty basketball crazy over here, after all, we're Utah Jazz fans. It's really the only game in town. (I see ya RSL, I love that you guys are actually good and stuff, but come back to me when you get things like hammer dunks instead of yellow card baiting and free kicks for acting like you just had a hysterectomy on the pitch) The only real NBA video game in town is NBA 2K14 -- which comes out today. (Or last night if you could find a store that was open)

Da Czar (a simulation first type of player who likes to run plays) was using the New Orleans Pelicans and playing against our Jazz in a recent video. Check out the first quarter here.

Oh, and because I *am* that crazy and not ready to give up the "crazy Jazz blogger" crown to anyone yet, here is the box score that I calculated for you all.

1 Enes Kanter C 4:44 1 1 1
2 Derrick Favors PF C 6:47 4 2 2 100.0% 2 2 1 1
3 Gordon Hayward SF 6:47 2 2 2 100.0%
4 Alec Burks SG 7:38 2 1 1 100.0% 1
5 Trey Burke PG 6:47 8 4 5 80.0% 1 1 1.0
6 Marvin Williams PF SF 7:16 3 1 3 33.3% 1 1 100.0% 1 2 3 1
7 Andris Biedrins C 5:13 0 1 0.0% 1 1 2
8 John Lucas III PG 5:13 0 5 0.0% 0 2 0.0% 2
9 Jeremy Evans PF 5:13 1 1 2 50.0% 2 1 3
10 Brandon Rush SG 4:22 3 1 2 50.0% 1 1 100.0% 1 1 1 0.0 1 1
Totals 12:00 23 9 19 47.4% 1 3 33.3% 4 5 80.0% 4 8 12 5 2 2.5 2 1 2

Expect our PGs to shoot a lot in this game when run by the AI. I don't expect our actual "game plan" to be that during the season. But who knows? Tyrone Corbin certainly doesn't at this stage.

Other things of note --

  • wrong numbers for Trey (#33 what he wore in Orlando, not the #3 he'll wear for the Jazz)
  • Gordon still looks like a "hee-haw" extra instead of a guy with a modern haircut (check out his media day pics)
  • the AI played both Marvin and Jeremy at the 4 at times, which is a look I like. Jeremy gets a lot of offensive rebounds, and Marvin posting up wings should happen in real life
  • Alec handled the ball a lot out of the inbounds, but after advancing the ball got it to Trey to set up the offense . . .
  • . . . and offense which is essentially Trey going 1 vs 5. Yeeesh.

This is a video game and I am going to pick it up tomorrow. (Today, I guess when you read this) I'll also post the ratings that need to be changed for our players later on tomorrow as well -- so you can bump our guys up a bit.

Have fun, and be happy. The NBA season is fast approaching.

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