Utah Jazz !Thematic! Geography Quiz

I was a Geography major for a good part of college, but was a lover of maps long before that. In particular, I always enjoyed the roads/highways system, and the ways that city layouts looked. Since SLC Dunk is a community of people with many interests and talents, I decided to take my Jazz fandom and imprint a little Dyl on it (I'm excited about the upcoming season). My challenge to you is this: how good is your NBA geography?

This is a 10-point quiz. I'll give people a little while, around 24 hours, to attempt it, and then I'll reveal the answers! If there's not many answers, I'll give an additional 24 hours to let everyone have their chance at their best attempt. Maybe get some friends and see if you can score more than them!

Use your best knowledge of what you know about NBA cities, see what clues you can locate in the map area itself, and give it your best guess. PLEASE don't cheat until I do the reveal!!!! That takes the fun out of me putting this together as well. See how many points you can honestly earn!


Part One -- Can you identify these five NBA cities? (1 point each)

City 1 -- can you identify this city? photo Geog1.png

City 2 -- where is this?

 photo Geog2.png

City 3 -- what NBA city is this?

 photo Geog3.png

City 4 -- any idea which NBA city this is?

 photo Geog4.png

City 5 -- last one; which city is this?

 photo Geog5.png

Part Two -- Why did I pick these five cities (What's the theme here related to a Jazz fanpost)? (5 points)

***Extra Credit*** -- How many of the 29 NBA teams play in an arena located latitudinally NORTH of Salt Lake City? (Up to 5 points) Again, Don't cheat, by using Google maps or some other outside help. Just give it your best guess!

Maybe this is an uninteresting idea, but maybe it will be exciting for you guys! Please don't cheat!


All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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