Jamaal Tinsley signing official according to Utah Jazz, what does this mean?

This way to Wiggins! - Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

So if you were debating which would happen first, training camp cuts or Gordon Hayward's extension, the Utah Jazz solved that riddle for us today. The answer is cuts. They reported that they have waived Brian Cook, Justin Holiday, Lester Hudson, Scott Machado, and Dominic McGuire.

They have also confirmed re-signing point guard Jamaal Tinsley.

Which is great news because he, himself, tweeted this the day before:

So what does our team look like now?

Player Pos Depth HT WT Rnd Pk Year College Age Exp
1 Trey Burke PG 1 6 0 190 1 9 2013 Michigan 20 R INJ
2 Jamaal Tinsley PG 2 6 3 197 1 27 2001 Iowa St 35 11
3 John Lucas III PG 3 5 11 165 3 61 2005 Oklahoma St 30 6
4 Gordon Hayward SG SF 1 6 8 215 1 9 2010 Butler 23 4
5 Alec Burks SG PG 2 6 6 205 1 12 2011 Colorado 22 3
6 Brandon Rush SG SF 3 6 6 210 1 13 2008 Kansas 28 6 INJ
7 Ian Clark SG PG 4 6 3 175 3 61 2005 Belmont 22 R
8 Richard Jefferson SF SG 1 6 7 230 1 13 2001 Arizona 33 13
9 Marvin Williams SF PF 2 6 9 237 1 2 2005 North Carolina 27 9 INJ
10 Mike Harris SF 3 6 6 235 3 61 2005 Rice 30 2
11 Derrick Favors PF C 1 6 10 263 1 3 2010 Georgia Tech 22 4
12 Jeremy Evans PF SF 2 6 9 194 2 55 2010 Western Kentucky 26 4 INJ
13 Enes Kanter C PF 1 6 11 248 1 3 2011 Turkey 21 3
14 Rudy Gobert C 2 7 2 235 1 27 2013 France 21 R
15 Andris Biedrins C 3 7 0 242 1 11 2004 Latvia 27 10

So what's the deal with Mike Harris? Why did we pick him instead of a power forward? Well, Peter reports:


Yep. We have an imbalanced roster, which is what Dennis Lindsey was trying to do earlier this year before Trey got hurt. This year is a planned demolition, because this is what happens to imbalanced rosters.

If it's built like a tank, it will likely become a tank. We hope for the best, and potential when our roster becomes healthy again, but I don't think we can continue living in denial. Wow, I started to write a downbeat and instead you got a full post out of this . . . I'll just put this as a single post because I'm sure people will have a few things to say about this. (Btw, we know a bit about imbalanced rosters because the last two seasons four of our top eight players were power forwards, Kanter and Big Al would be if they played on different teams)

Regardless of how late we have him, I am super happy to have Jamaal on the team. I wanted him on the team way back before the draft. Anyway, we are being told Harris will be the stretch four, which is exactly what you want from yout 6'6 undrafted player.

Welcome back Jamaal. You will help our team play better, but we may not win any more games because of it. Why? Because I believe that this isn't a roster built to compete. It has holes in it. And these are planned limitations. You can believe the Jazz are at some higher standard, after all, we don't pay people not to play (Luther Wright, Raja Bell), we don't play favorites (MoFo didn't have to play defense, Hayward/Burks crucified at times last year for their defense), and we are an over-all, top to bottom high character organization (Sidney Lowe is a criminal).

Go Jamaal Go! Snark aside, I think this year the front office is doing what they need to do in order to have a better future. Part of that means bringing Jamaal back in the present. I'm just not as deluded as some other fans are. We went 1-7 in the preseason, playing our starters late in games. We're going to lose games by front office design this year. Accept it.

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