An Unfortunate Modern Day Mote and Beam

Author note: I attempted to weigh in on this topic in the comments section of the original post, but found them closed. So I took to Twitter where I was told almost immediately that it was an inappropriate platform for the discussion. I asked for them to be reopened, but that hasn’t happened. So, it ends up here as a fanpost, since that someone who insisted to me on Twitter that this should be "a productive discussion" clearly needs to be educated themselves


"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act."

-Swami Vivekananda, Indian spiritual leader

"Whenever you point your finger at someone, you have three pointed at you."

-Hindu proverb

An unfortunate incident was documented by this blog, one which, for some inexplicable reason, SLC Dunk felt needed to grow legs. It could have simply been a learning experience for all and let die, as it should have, but instead the administrator felt the need to stick up for his outraged author and let it stand, made it "news."

It shouldn’t have been.

The mistake was acknowledged by the franchise and the tweet deleted. But Mr. MyLo felt like that wasn’t enough. He clearly felt as though further humiliation was warranted, so went on a rampage in which we were all chastised on Twitter for being "stupid" and failing to pay attention to the Application of Theater class that we all took.

Except we didn’t.

(Incidentally, a quick search at the Educational Theater Association turns up no results for "blackface.")

MyLo cited to us the description of theatrical blackface in the piece, a sad thing from a time hopefully far removed from the present, and went on to stand by his "morals" on Twitter, indeed, even ranting at me for putting his "morals" in quotation marks.

The transgression that so outraged MyLo was a couple of kids dressing up as their sports heroes — hardly something that could be classified as the aforementioned "theatrical blackface." But it’s a lot easier to go after a couple of kids and a favorite target of SLCDunk, the Utah Jazz themselves, than to admit the outrage that this very blog posts links to something a lot closer to modern day blackface.

Actually, the true target gets a little fuzzy at this point. Was it the children or the Utah Jazz franchise? That point remains unclear. But no matter, because it's really a moot point when all factors are taken into context, as you'll see.

Jimmy Kimmel, actor, talk show host, comedian — in short, a professional in theater, not a kid dressing up for Halloween — does a Karl Malone impersonation where he "colors up." Links to these skits appear in fanposts on this site, and one has even made it’s way into a DownBeat posted by SLCDunk’s own administrator, Amar.

And yet, there was no post from MyLo then. Nor even any mock outrage in the comments sections. When I brought this fact to his attention, his response on Twitter was that he wasn’t an author at that time at SLCDunk.


So you believe that I should retroactively denounce everything at slcdunk before I started writing for them?

That DB was posted on December 27, 2012. MyLo has been a member of SLCDunk since November 5, 2010, and a quick search will show that he was an author at this blog before said post, MyLo posting a DownBeat as an author barely days previous to it.

There’s a moral flexibility here that’s disturbing.

The proclaimed cause is to denounce racism, whether intentional or not, yet your own house isn’t even clean and excuses for that fly about like witches on All Hallow’s Eve.

You, Mr. Mychal Lowman, insist the Utah Jazz should never have retweeted the unfortunate picture, yet you made sure to screen-capture it and make it news, news that’s now making it’s way around the world thanks to you.

What truly is your cause, Mr. Lowman? Because it sure seems like it’s more about ridiculing the Utah Jazz than really wiping out racism and blackface references.

I, like you, despise racism, Mr. Lowman. But I question your motives and self-proclaimed morals when you pick low-hanging fruit rather than focus your energy on a more appropriate target, one that’s much closer to what you insist was outrageous and offensive to you.

We can agree, I’m sure, that the Jazz should never have retweeted an unfortunate pair of innocents that were most likely only having a good time acting out their heroic fantasies for an evening.

But in the same respect, if you truly stand by those morals you proclaim, then I must insist that you clean your own house first, and in turn insist that any real theatrical references to blackface be removed, deleted and forbidden from this blog in the same manner that your (mock?) outrage attacked the franchise that you insist you love as a fan and author.

I challenge you to take on real modern day "theatrical blackface," like that done by comedians impersonating your beloved Utah Jazz Hall of Famer.

If you do not, then I cannot believe in your moral stance as a pure one, cannot believe in your cause as that against racism.

Rather, the motive behind the cause would simply appear to be page views and clicks, which you and your administrator can pat yourselves on the back for achieving in a post that never should have been.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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