Behind Enemy Lines: Golden State of Mind

Thank you basketball gods for this picture. - Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We take a look at what Golden State of Mind has been posting leading up to tonight's game vs the Golden State Warriors.

The Skinny

Andy KHLiu of Golden State of Mind gives a recap of the Golden State Warriors' first preseason game.

Warriors lose, Curry dunks, rest of the team is skinny - Golden State Of Mind
Did you know that Andrew Bogut can dribble a ball up the court? Sort of fast? Anyway, this type of game, with a tad bit more hype than other preseason games - mostly because it's the first one - mostly gave the players a chance to get into game shape. No matter how many stairs, box jumps or liners you do in practice, it's a bit different on the court when you're moving in directions you don't normally do in drills. Or maybe that's my excuse for the Stephen Curry bricks, Andrew Bogut floater clanks, and Harrison Barnes awkward jumpers. Then again, those Klay Thompson layups looked like they were in, umm, future season (?) form? As long as ankles remained intact and energy level remained high, this would be a success.

Nate Parham expounds on the reports of Andrew Bogut's goal of playing all 82 games this season.

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut is finally healthy and aiming for an 82 game season - Golden State Of Mind
If this bears out, and Bogut avoids re-injury, it would be absolutely huge for the Warriors...It's forgotten that Bogut also has alot of offensive skill, with good touch around the basket and smart instincts. He's a willing passer. It was painful watching him try and operate in pick and roll sets in the playoffs, but if his movement is back, there's no reason the Warriors, in all honesty, can't contend for a Finals berth. -- Matt Moore of CBS Sports

Andy KHLiu talks about the dangers of optimism that the Golden State Warriors will confront this season.

The preseason's preseason: on our new, and old, perceptions - Golden State Of Mind
Because though we won't admit it to ourselves, there's a lot more to lose with a team poised to take the proverbial next step towards a championship than one taking several back to the pinball machine.

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That's right, you lucky boggers (I didn't spell that wrong. That's really what the Jazz's front office calls bloggers.), I'm endorsing you to be followed. You just received the My_Lo bump.

Hilarious Game Thread Quotes From Prior Game

It's time for awesome game thread quotes by Warriors fans!


srsly tho

curry dunked

we are champs now right lol?

"Word of advice: If an Asian man says he's a Spanish teacher, it's not racist to ask for proof."

I like this Ball Handler by committee style so far

2016 - Brooklyn Hawks finally get dismantled
Mirza Big L-tovic: "If rap was a game I'd be D-N-P, the most Disappointing New Player on the team".
2012-2013 Nets All Mistake Team: #6 Pick/Jason Kidd/OJ Mayo/Ben Gordon/Gerald Green/Matt Barnes/Kenyon Martin/Birdman Andersen

just hope it works against a real team during the season

"Toney Douglas will fill the Jack role, or at least they hope he will"


wow, we have no point guard at all

this wlil get ugly


Point Guard what is that?

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