Stats for 1st Preseason Game vs GSW

One of these days I'll get to watch a Jazz game live. I missed last night's game due to taking my daughter to Taekwondo, celebrating another daughter's birthday, and also due to going to scouts. But I've been through the box score and here's my estimated "advanced" stats for last night's game:

Estimated PERs:

Favors 22.28
R Jeff 2.61
Gordo 22.14
Kanter 18.76
Trey 10.29
Biedrins 10.42
McGuire 10.10
Evans 23.83
Harris 42.18
Gobert -1.00
Machado 8.20
Burks 25.15
JL III 33.68
Holiday 20.55
Clark 2.41

Approximate Values:

Favors 12.27
R Jeff 2.18
Gordo 10.86
Kanter 7.84
Trey 5.58
Biedrins 3.67
McGuire 5.58
Evans 12.27
Harris 4.97
Gobert 3.67
Machado 1.30
Burks 9.39
JL III 9.89
Holiday 2.18
Clark 0.00

(this measures how much an individual player is contributing stat wise to the game; it is equal to (((((Points + Assists + Rebounds + Steals + Blocks – Turnovers – Missed Shots – Missed Free Throws) times 2 if for a half) times 82) raised to the 3/4 power) divided by 21))

Average players are in the 6 to 7 range

Larry H Miller Average:
Favors 0.560
R Jeff -0.045
Gordo 0.462
Kanter 0.300
Trey 0.038
Biedrins 0.125
McGuire 0.118
Evans 0.480
Harris 1.000
Gobert 0.000
Machado 0.250
Burks 0.364
JL III 0.500
Holiday 0.600
Clark -0.200

(this is an efficiency measure much like PER, but simpler to calculate; it is equal to ((Points + Assists + Rebounds + Steals + Blocks – Fouls – Turnovers – Shots) divided by minutes))
Average players are in the .100 to .200 range

Estimated Wins Produced:
Favors 9.43
R Jeff -5.82
Gordo 11.87
Kanter 2.84
Trey -4.88
Biedrins 0.61
McGuire -2.95
Evans 18.76
Harris 6.11
Gobert -5.62
Machado 0.96
Burks 10.75
JL III 15.43
Holiday 2.38
Clark -2.85

Estimated Wins Produced Per 48:

Favors 0.221
R Jeff -0.155
Gordo 0.267
Kanter 0.083
Trey -0.110
Biedrins 0.045
McGuire -0.101
Evans 0.439
Harris 0.715
Gobert -0.274
Machado 0.140
Burks 0.286
JL III 0.502
Holiday 0.279
Clark -0.333

By all accounts, the team did well last night and it was a tremendous group effort. I was glad to see that we had great effort by Hayward, Favors, Kanter, Burks, and Burke; AND our plus one of Evans did extraordinary well - hopefully that translates to the regular season. What we got from everyone else was just gravy (I'm looking at you R Jeff, Biedrins, and JL III). Can't wait to watch this team play.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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