First game in 20 years!

Tonight I went to a Jazz game for the first time in 20 years, and I could not be more pissed off.

What I noticed in the game tonight:

Corbin still has a disgusting veteran bias. I noticed that Kanter in particular was on a short leash. Any mistake was met with yelling from Corbin, but Corbin would let Jefferson, Marvin, Tinsley, and Lucas get off without so much as a glare. Mistake after mistake on defense or offense, and he would not yell at any of them.

Rotations. Burks needs to be starting. Period. Lucas and Tinsley bring nothing to the game on either end. We built an early lead, but it was iso basketball. We hardly had any assists in the first half. At least Burks (and Clark) can play defense.

Adjustments. Corbin utilized the brilliant strategy of taking his best player out of the game. After a stellar first half, Hayward rarely saw the ball. It should have been in his hands every possession, and he could have either kept dominating with scoring or creating for his teammates.

Speaking of Hayward creating for his teammates, Hayward does NOT trust Lucas. There were three or four fast breaks where Hayward could have given Lucas an open look, but didn't give it to him and forced a layup in traffic. This is bad, although I can't really blame Hayward for not trusting Lucas to make a Damn thing.

Kanter seems to play worse after Corbin yells at him, yet Corbin continues to throw Kanter under the bus while giving preferential treatment to vets. (Veteran's day bias?)

A lot of bs calls tonight, especially against Hayward. A traveling call and a carry dribble call that negated buckets both times. That, and teammates dropping easy passes and the turnover going to Hayward. 7 turnovers? No. At least 4 of those were either not his fault or shouldn't have been called.

The players seem like they've given up on Corbin. They seem frustrated, annoyed, fed up.

At least Mike Harris didn't play tonight. I guess.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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