#JazzOdds Week 3 Recap

Week 3 is in the books for #Jazz Odds, and the team is showing some signs of improvement! While the wins and losses may not be getting much better (although 1 is infinitely better than zero), we've pulled out some against the spread victories of late. A 3-1 week against the spread (1/3 over/under) has the Jazz at 4-6-1 for the year (4/7 over/under). Here's how things played out.

Denver 100, Jazz 81 (Jazz were +3, O/U was 196). The Jazz actually led this game with 10:07 to go, but our fourth quarter woes continued, and by the end of it, we were blown out. 13 point final quarters are a killer on your over picks, BTW. Denver and under was your winner.

Winners: @Jake_W_J, @naten28, and @ChrisBateman1

Jazz 111, New Orleans 105 (Jazz were +2, O/U was 190.5). This game had quite the opposite feel to it. After being down the majority of the game, the Jazz took it to the Brow, and killed it in the fourth. 38 points gets the Jazz the outright victory, and an over.

Winners: @bjcseven, @Run_Pappy, @brytonbenson, @hamblindave, @BrianBonks, @Peter_J_Novak, and @JazzyTameKate's BF Ben (just BFBen from now on :))

San Antonio 91, Jazz 82 (Jazz were +10, O/U was 191). This game was a nailbiter #JazzOdds wise, when it looked like a clear Jazz victory. Jazz started the 4th up 67-60 (in theory, a 17 point edge if you took Utah), and in 2 minutes, were down 3. Fortunately, Gordon Hayward was fouled with 21 seconds remaining, and split a pair of free throws to make a 10-point game, a 9-point final... and save me from another tie! (Time to add those .5 points... sheesh!) You can thank #20 if you had the Jazz and under.

Winners: BFBen

Golden State 102, Jazz 88 (Jazz were +15.5, O/U was 200). Not really sure anyone had us winning this game outright, but that's why we play #JazzOdds. The Jazz cut the 17-point halftime deficit to 7 during the third quarter, but with 3 minutes to go in the fourth, the Warriors had extended the lead back to 19. The gambling battle would have to be settled by the scrubs. And it made for an exciting 3 minutes! A Harrison Barnes bucket with 1:42 remaining pushed the lead to 20, and things looked bleak. Of course, now our defense turns into world beaters, and the Warriors fail to score the rest of the game. After a defensive stop with 9 seconds to go, Alec Burks does what Alec Burks does (when he's not busy shooting the long two and making me rant on Twitter... /endrant) and drives to the hole to get fouled and shoot two free throws. He sank the first to beat the spread, and the second for good measure. Way to go, Alec! This time, you can thank #10 if you had the Jazz and the under.

Winners: @Peter_J_Novak, @brytonbenson, @hamblindave, @JazzyTameKate, and BFBen

Crazy week of games for the #JazzOdds community. I'm glad people are enjoying it this season, and we'll continue to roll on as we go. I'll update the spreadsheet hopefully today and will Tweet out the leaderboard if I get that far.

Only 3 games this week (vs. the Warriors, at the Pelicans, and at the Mavericks) so we'll recap again next weekend. Good luck with your picks and feel free to vote in the poll... pretty amazing that we may go a month before we're favored in a game---maybe more!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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