Blind, wild guesses

I've made no secrets about my feelings for Ty Corbin as a coach. I think he's awful. I think he's in over his head. I think he got the job for no real reason other than the Millers' obsession with loyalty. I think he's too old fashioned. I think he knows he doesn't know what he's doing and that's why he's gotten so aggressively defensive in the past.

But what bothers me more than all of that is what he says in post-game interviews. First, he never shoulders any of the blame or responsibility for a loss. I cannot remember a single instance of this, and I've only missed maybe 15 post-game Corbin interviews over the last 2 seasons. He has a habit of blaming his roster, particularly his young players, even if it's not their fault.

Second, he'll make comments about why a team went on a run and say something along the lines of "They made shots. We didn't." This is an oversimplification of a much bigger problem, and I don't know if he just doesn't realize WHY the other team is making shots and we're not, or if he just simplifies his answers because he thinks fans and members of the media don't understand basketball. I lean more towards the first option, because how else can his coaching decisions be explained? I'd like to see him talk about WHY our guys stopped making shots, talk about WHY an opposing team kept getting open looks. He talks about the symptom, not the problem. This is either a sign of arrogance ("none of you have done anything at this level in your lives") or a lack of understanding on his part.

And the last thing I want to talk about: his coaching style. He rips into guys like Kanter and Burks (more last year than this season, but still) for mental errors or small mistakes, yet gives a pass to guys like Lucas and Jefferson. I've talked about this in comment threads before, but Kanter already doesn't respond well to being yelled at. His game suffers pretty obviously and drastically, and there is no question in my mind about where that stems from. We saw it last year when Burks was on a short leash, and the problem didn't get fixed until Corbin was forced (because of injuries) to give him a consistent role and consistent minutes.

Some guys respond well to being yelled at. It lights a fire under them and makes them play with more emotion and passion. Kanter is not one of those guys. He seems to respond well to mentoring, talking things out, being shown how to fix the problem. Hayward and Favors seem like guys who need to play angry, and I think a coach getting after them might help with that. Lucas is a guy who is irrationally confident in his abilities, and needs to be swiftly benched when he goes hero ball mode.

To me, it seems pretty clear that Corbin doesn't know what he's doing. The offensive scheme still looks for too many 22-foot jumpers (the least efficient shot in basketball - but that's just your numbers game). The defensive scheme still has bad rotations and players defending things in inconsistent and bizarre ways (we seem to prefer giving up 3-pointers to long 2-pointers - so ass-backwards I want to scream when I see it). The in-game adjustments are almost non-existent. The rotations are still nonsensical and inexplicable. Corbin still has a habit of pulling "hot" players. He seems unaware of which players respond to what kind of feedback. And mentally, emotionally, he seems to have lost many of the players already. We're barely 1/10th of the way through the season.

I'd much rather lose with someone like Alex Jensen at the helm, who I think will instill good habits in our guys, than watch Corbin ruin this team for another 70 games.

Even if it means we win 30 games instead of 20, to me it's worth it. The long-term development of so many young players is just too important to let a guy like Corbin stick around any longer.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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