#JazzOdds Week 7 Recap

The Jazz played four games this past week before leaving on the annual pre-Christmas road trip. These were some potentially winnable games before heading back East for some holiday spirit. The team split the games against the spread this week, going 2-2 (1/3 over/under), and currently sit at 11-14-1 for the year (11/15 over/under). These games were pretty one-sided when it came to the spreads, so let's see how things went:

Portland 105, Jazz 94 (Jazz were +7, O/U 201). Portland couldn't reproduce last week's record-setting performance from three, but LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard formed a nice one-two punch, and a couple dagger threes in the last few minutes sent the Blazers to the victory and the cover. A slow start and two blown Jazz buckets to end the game kept this game under the total, so if you picked Portland and under, you get yourself a point.

Winners: @da_breezman, @chang_max, @New_OrleansJazz, @trillwright, @DBHam2, @brytonbenson, @samq626, and @RcaAmarante

Jazz 122, Sacramento 101 (Jazz were +7, O/U 202). Finally getting to end of a four-game weird home-and-home with the Kings and the Blazers, the Jazz were hoping to finally pull one out. And at home, the Jazz finally exploded. The Jazz shot 54% from the field and almost 56.5% from three, and after the first half, the game was never in doubt. This game was well over the total early in the fourth quarter, and Jazz/over cruised to an easy point.

Winners: @Run_Pappy, @RxMike12, @OhioHadley, @bjcseven, @KennChapman17, @JazzyTameKate, and BFBen

Jazz 103, Denver 93 (Jazz were +11, O/U 203). After playing so well the night before at home, it was a little surprising to see the Jazz such a big underdog on the road. Then again, the linesmakers have probably seen us play in Denver, so maybe it's not so far-fetched. Gordon Hayward took offense to being slighted and had a huge game, scoring 30 points, grabbing 13 boards, and dishing 5 assists. The Jazz had the gambling victory locked up early it seemed, but a big run by the Nuggets had our boys down to start the fourth. Fortunately, however, the boys in blue took control and sealed the deal. After starting big with 33 first quarter points, the Jazz slowed down to only 40 in quarters two and three combined, and the total suffered with the Jazz offense. Jazz and under was the pick.

Winners: BFBen, @SLCJuanB, @BrianBonks, @utahjazzfan1850, @New_OrleansJazz, @hamblindave, @PWillUNLV, and @Run_Pappy

Spurs 100, Jazz 84 (Jazz were +6.5, O/U 195). As surprising as the Denver line was, the Jazz/Spurs line was equally as curious. A 18-4 Spurs team only favored by 6.5 against our lowly 6-19 Jazz? Hmm... were linesmakers expecting a Tim Duncan/Tony Parker night off? Unfortunately for the Jazz, that didn't happen and the spanking was on pretty early. The Spurs were up 15 at the half, and the game never really felt close from there. The Jazz never scored more than 26 in any quarter, and Spurs/under would take the tally.

Winners: @carty64, @BrianBonks, @SLCJuanB, @AngryJazzFan, @bjcseven, and @DBHam2

Pretty boring week as far as #JazzOdds excitement goes (save the blown last basket in the Portland game). I'm very curious to see what the road trip lines will be. Utah at the Heat? Yikes. Anyways, we again play Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with games at the Heat, at the Magic, at the Hawks, and at the Bobcats. Lots of revenge games coming up (I see you, Jacque Vaughn), so we'll see how that plays out.

#JazzOdds Leaderboard:

9.5 - @bjcseven

8 - BFBen

7 - @Run_Pappy

6 - @RxMike12, @brytonbenson, @BrianBonks, @seanp33, @JazzyTameKate

5.5 - @OhioHadley

5 - @da_breezman, @carty64, @New_OrleansJazz, @RcaAmarante

Best of luck moving up the leaderboard next week! Any questions, you can find me @RxMike12 on Twitter. :)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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