The C&G report: Game 2 analysis (8-0? Not anymore!)



Rudy (the 9th Wonder, as stated by the D-League reporter) Gobert and Ian Clark produced today to end Idaho's perfect start of the season. Again, a massive game from Gobert but the difference for Clark today was that he showed us a different side of his game, when playing at the Point. You can get the box score and watch the game here:

Ian Clark VS Dee Bost
Rudy Gobert vs Dallas Lauderdale (not really a matchup as Rudy was switched around on whom to guard)


Ian Clark: 3-11 shooting (1-2 FT, 1-2 3PT), 8 points, 6 assist, 1 rebound (0O,1D), 1steal, 1TO, 2 fouls (32Min)
Rudy Gobert: 4-6 shooting (8-12 FT) 16 points, 1assist, 14 rebounds (4O,10D), 4 blocks, 2TO, 4 fouls (32Min)

Three positives: Gobert

  1. Good shot selections. Rudy did not force the issue, instead he made the game come to him for easy, high percentage shots. This also meant it was easy to draw the foul and head to the line. He shot 67% from both the field and the free throw line, where he got half of his 16 points.
  2. Rebounding. Perhaps this is due to the Stampede not having any real bigman in the frontcourt, but Gobert did a nice job rebounding, both offensively and defensively. He had 14 rebounds, 10 of them defensive.
  3. Pick and Roll Offense. Gobert ran alot of P&R offense in this game, unlike in the last game, where almost none was run for him. Many P&R executions were successful which led to Gobert or the ball handler getting an easy shot.

Three negatives: Gobert

  1. Free throw shooting percentage. This continues to be a problem as he only shot 67% from the line. He did not shoot well from the line either when playing with the Jazz, so he needs to improve it to around 70-80% (preferably high seventies).
  2. Fouls. Gobert needs to jump vertically up more so he doesn't keep fouling the defender. He had 4, and due to that the coach had to pull him out for some time, where Idaho promptly went on a run.
  3. Post-ups. I think Gobert needs to post more, even though his strength might prevent him from doing that. He only posted up once (which resulted in a turnover), but he needs more experience to become better in the post.

Three positives: Clark

  1. Court vision. Clark showed tremendous court vision today, when he was told to play at the point. He had 6 assist, but it should have been more had his teammates knocked down the wide open shots that he created. And of course, he threw up a nice lob for Gobert to slam in the orange.
  2. Nice intense defense. He limited Bost to 5-12 shooting (10 points, 0-5 3PT), and it should actually be worse than 5-12 as Bost basically only scored when Clark was OFF the court. He put in good pressure and the results showed on the box score.
  3. Hitting the open jumper. I was worried last game because Clark could not make open jumpshots, but in this game, he hit all of them down.

Three negatives: Clark

  1. Forcing. It was ugly to watch Clark force up a shot in traffic, or attack the paint when it was already crowded. It resulted in a miss shot every single time he forced the issue.
  2. Missing close shots. Clark missed a variety of layups and close range shots, which was painful to watch. Some of them were wide open and others had little pressure. It was NOT pretty at all.
  3. Failing to draw fouls. Even though Clark attacked the paint countless times, he only had 2 free throw attempts, and that was due to end of game intentional fouling. If Clark is going to attack paint, he needs to make sure he draws a foul so its not a waste trip down the paint.

Interesting facts

Gobert had 16 and 14 twice in a row now, I wonder how long this weird trend will last.

One game too much useless posting for Gobert, another game with almost no posting for Gobert. What he needs is a balance, not polar opposites every game.

Clark was much better running the offense than Jared Cunningham, he had more assist and also seem to make the offense rotate to get open.

Bottom line

Gobert played well again, while Clark continues to struggle with his shooting. Clark did find other ways to contribute (had 6 reb in 1st game, 6 ast in second game). Both Clark and Gobert missed 1 free throw in clutch (2 attempts each), and we found out that Gobert wants to stay in the Jazz for a long time (end of game interview). Gobert also acknowledge that he needs to work on his free throw shooting, strength and fouls, which is good that he recognizes his weakness and is working hard to correct them. AND ALSO THEY BEAT THE STAMPEDE (Aka Portland D-League), WHICH WERE 8-0 BEFORE THEY MET MONT BLONC AND CLARK. We trampled all over them. WOOHOO for CLARK and GOBERT! :)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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