The C&G report: Pre-game (Clark vs Curry!)



Since I probably won't be writing anything over the weekends this covers both Friday and Saturdays game, both against Seth Curry and the Santa Cruz Warriors. Ian Clark will probably go up against Seth Curry sometime during the game, both offensively and defensively (as seen in the last game, when Clark switched to guarding and running the team at the point). His other matchup is Cameron Jones, who is also a sharpshooter with a huge ability to score (Seth and Cam remind me of Steph and Klay). Rudy Gobert will go up against 7-footer Dewayne Dedmon (undrafted in 2013 draft, sign in summer league by GSW), which means he no longer has a big height advantage like in the last game.


Clark vs Curry, Clark vs Jones
Gobert vs Dedmon

Clark vs Curry

Even though this matchup won't happen often, it will happen at some point in the game. Therefore, I felt a need to analysis him. Curry is having a stellar year, shooting 45% (36% 3PT) this season for 22.5PPG, while also averaging 7.8 APG and 1.7 SPG. He also gets to the line very often (about 7 times per game) with a FT shooting %tage of 84%. His weakness is that he is turnover prone, averaging 4 every game. When Clark does defend him, he'll have to stick tight to Curry, and maybe try to force him to turn over the ball by gambling abit. This matchup should be interesting to watch come game day.

Clark vs Jones

Clark's main match-up is even more deadly than Curry from the ark. His shooting percentage are as follows, 44% FG, 41% 3PT, 76%FT, avg 21.8PPG. He is very similar to Curry in the sense that he too, turns over the ball quite often (2.91) as well as having a 1.7SPG. If Santa Cruz Warriors play like how the GSW plays, it will be extremely vital that Clark sticks on the Jones like glue. Jared Cunningham is a pretty good defender, so it'll be up to Clark to do his part.

Gobert vs Dedmon

It won't be as easy for Gobert to work both offensively or defensively as Dedmon Jones is a good 4 inches taller than his previous match-up, Dallas Lauderdale. This should test Gobert's basketball IQ as well as his ability to defend taller opposition. Dedmon averages a MONSTER 17.3 rebounds per game (5.5O,11.8D), and Gobert averages 14. It'll be interesting to see who will pull down more boards at the end of the day. Dedmon is also a block machine at 3.2 BPG, but has a slightly lower FG% for a bigman at 50% (14.8PPG). The good news is, Dedmon is only 239lbs, which means he is only 20 pounds heavier than Gobert, and is also very prone to foul trouble at 5 per game. If Gobert can get him into foul trouble early, this would easily swing the game in the Jams favor. The weight issue might also mean that we could more post up action from Gobert. This will undoubtedly be a very exciting match-up to watch.


This match basically lies in Gobert and Clark's hands. SCW depend heavily on scoring from Curry and Jones (Clark) as well as Dedmon (Gobert) to pull down the one and done. If Gobert and Clark can limit their match-ups to a mediocre game, the game is theirs for the taking. If not'll be extremely tough to win.

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