Kevin Love

On Tip Off, December 19th, David Locke was talking about the Timberwolves and Kevin Love he mentioned that if things continued badly (they stayed at about .500 win percentage) that the Wolves could shake things up. He did not say they would, just that they could.

The reasons the wolves would think about moving Love are:

· Love can walk away from his contract in a year and a half. Like the Deron Williams/Utah Jazz situation only worse. The Wolves have already angered Love with the last contract and his team isn’t as good as the Williams/Jazz team.

· Love was very upset with the way he was treated during the last contract negotiation.

· There will be lots of big name teams clearing space for him in 2015.

· The Timberwolves don’t have cap space to improve their team dramatically soon.

· The Wolves are stuck in the dreaded middle. Unless things change they won’t make the playoffs in the crowded west and they don’t have the odds to get a game changer in this next draft.

· Pekovic and Love are struggling defensively together ; they are allowing 67% shooting at the rim this season.

· This team was built by previous GM.

Kevin Love would fit in nicely with our current lineup:

· He is a much better than Marvin Williams, with good passing ability, and floor spacing that can challenge opposing defenses and get teammates open looks.

· He would stretch the floor opening up lanes for Burks, Burke, and Hayward.

· He is has a great face up game and can step back and knock down the three.

· He is a true number one option on offense and would take pressure off of Hayward and let him be the glue guy every good team needs.

· He can help Favors inside game by drawing defenses out to him.

· He could fill up the points, rebounds stat sheet.

So what would we give up for Kevin Love if he became available?

Deron Williams cost the Nets: Harris, Favors, and two first round draft picks. So a starter, a guy with potential and then two first round picks.

The Wolves already need front court help behind a tired Pekovic and Love, so they would definitely need a front court starter as well as added depth. The Wolves would also want draft picks.

I would say the trade would be something like Marvin Williams, Enes Kanter and two first round picks.

I don’t know if I would be willing to trade Favors unless it were something like this: Favors, Marvin, 2015 1st (1-14 protected), 2014 2nd round pick for Kevin Love.

I would be willing to trade Hayward or Burks as well, but again, it would reduce the number of picks in the deal: Marvin, Hayward, 2014 2nd, 2015 1st,.

We have several 1st round picks we can offer any of our first round picks or the GWS 2014 or 2017 pick. I would think that the Jazz 2014 and GSW 2017 picks are the most valuable and I would hate to give either of those up (good chance that the GSW are all injured or gone in 2017).

I think that Love would be great on our team. He would space the floor well allowing us to focus on getting points at the rim or beyond the three. I would be willing to trade a lot for him.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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