The Bigman edition: Should Kanter start?



Enes Kanter has NOT, been producing lately. So why am i writing this article? Well, basketball has TWO parts, DEFENSE, and OFFENSE, and i realize Marvin Williams, although offensively more sound than Kanter, might not be as good defensively. So i started comparing their stats, offensively and defensively, when they were starting this season. Also, i decided to comment on who our bigman should model their game after.

When Kanter starts

1st game VS OKC: Perkins, 4 pts, 8reb, Kanter, 14 pts, 10reb (+10pts, +2 reb, Enes had better FG %)
2nd game VS PHX Plumlee, 13 pts, 13reb, Kanter, 20pts, 12 reb (+7pts, -1reb, Miles had better FG%)
3rd game VS HOU Asik, 4 pts, 9 reb, Kanter, 16 pts, 8reb (+12pts,-1reb, Enes had better FG%)
4th game VS BKN Lopez, 27pts, 7reb, Kanter, 21pts, 8reb (-6pts, +1reb, Lopez had better FG%)
5th game VS BOS Olynyk* 14pts, 8reb, Kanter 22pts, 8reb (+8pts, +0reb, Enes had better FG%)
6th game VS CHI Noah 14pts, 8reb, Kanter 8pts, 4reb (-6pts, -4reb, Noah had better FG%)
7th game VS TOR Valanciunas 14pts, 3reb, Kanter 14pts, 4reb (+0pts, +1 reb, Enes had better FG%)
8th game VS DEN Hickson 14pts, 9reb, Kanter 12pts, 4reb (-2pts, -5reb, Hickson had better FG%)
9th game VS NO Smith 10pts, 5 reb, Kanter 21pts, 10 reb (+11pts, +5reb, Enes had better FG%)
10th game VS SA Splitter 6pts, 5reb, Kanter 10points, 9 reb (+4pts, +4reb, Tiago had better FG%)
11th game VS GS Bogut 12pts, 11reb, Kanter 10points, 5reb (-2pts,-6reb, Bogut had better FG%)
12th game VS GS Bogut 8pts, 13reb, Kanter 8pts, 6reb (+0pts, -7reb, same FG%)
13th game VS NO Smith 11pts, 5reb, Kanter 19pts, 9reb (+8pts, +4reb Enes had better FG%)
14th game VS DAL Dalembert 18points, 12reb, Kanter 2pts, 5reb (-16pts, -7reb Sam had better FG%)

*Olynyk did not start, but played 29 minutes compared to faverani the starting C, who played 6 minutes
After 14 games, Marvin starts. Kanter had a stinker of game 14, but all other games are decent. Kanter started again in game 20

20th game VS IND Hibbert 13pts, 9reb, Kanter 20pts, 10reb (+7pts, +1reb, Roy had better FG%)
21st game VS POR RLopez 8pts, 5reb, Kanter 6pts, 2reb (-2pts,-3reb, Robin had better FG%)
22nd game VS SAC Cousins 28pts, 7reb, Kanter 12pts, 7reb (-16pts, +0reb, Boogs had better FG%)
23rd game VS POR RLopez 15pts, 11reb, Kanter 19pts, 5reb (+4pts, -6reb, Robin had better FG%)
TOTAL: +21pts, -22reb Per game:+1.16pts, -1.2reb
Kanter never starts again after this game

When Marvin starts

15th game VS OKC Ibaka 17pts, 11reb, Marvin 4pts, 3reb (-13 points, -8reb, Ibaka better FG%)
16th game VS CHI Boozer 26pts, 16reb, Marvin 17pts, 9reb (-9pts, -7reb, Carlos better FG%)
17th game VS PHX Frye 13pts, 2 reb, Marvin 18pts, 7reb (+5pts, +5reb, Frye better FG%)
18th game VS PHX Frye 17pts, 6reb, Marvin 14pts, 6reb (-3pts, +0reb, Frye better FG%)
19th game VS HOU Jones 2pts, 4reb, Marvin 10pts, 5reb (+8pts, +1reb, Marv better FG%)
24th game VS SAC Williams 13pts, 7reb, Marvin 8pts, 4reb (-5pts, -3reb, Derrick better FG%)
25th game VS DEN Faried 7pts, 9reb, Marvin 11pts, 3reb (+4pts, -6reb, Marv better FG%)
26th game VS SA Diaw* 4pts, 4reb, Marvin 10pts, 7reb (+6pts, +3reb, Diaw better FG%)
27th game VS MIA LBJ 30pts, 9reb, Marvin 8pts, 4reb (-22pts, -5reb, LBJ better FG%)
28th game VS ORL Davis 12pts, 4 reb, Marvin 5pts, 6reb (-7pts, +2reb, Glen better FG%)
29th game VS ATL Millsap 14pts, 10 reb, Marvin 6pts, 6reb (-8pts, -4reb, Paul better FG%)
30th game VS CHA McRoberts 2pts 5reb, Marvin 5pts 6reb (+3pts, +1reb, Marv better FG%)
31st game VS MEM Randolph 22pts, 10reb, Marvin 8pts, 3reb (-14pts, -7reb, Zach better FG%)

*Diaw did not start, but since Jeff Ayres only played 12 minutes, Duncan moved to C and Diaw to PF
Total: -55pts, -28reb, W/O LBJ's stats, -33pts, -23reb
Per game: -4.2pts, -2.1reb Per game (W/O LBJ):-2.75pts, -1.9reb
End of current games.


Even though many credit Marvin for being the X-factor to winning, I don't think it is. The real X-factor is Trey Burke. Sure, Marvin helps spread the floot offensively, but as we can see from the stats, Marvin is alot worse off defensively. What is the use of Offense when your Defense can't hold up? Marvin not only shows weakness when facing big time oppostion (Booze, LBJ, Ibaka), he also cannot perform well when weak opposition is on (McRoberts). In the end, the stats show that Marvin is by far worse when on the field then when Kanter is on the field (when given starter minutes). My opinion is that start Kanter, bench Marvin and make him our 7th man after Burks, since Marv can produce on or off the bench. Kanter has shown an ability to compete against the best bigman (like B.Lopez, Hibbert) and has the killer instinct to destroy his match-up if the match-up is weak (Smith, Perkins). The only reason why Enes is slumping is because he is coming off the bench, WHICH is because he had a stinker game 14 (ONE GAME ONLY), and GOT BENCHED BY CORBS. Also, corbin likes VETS like Marvin. Marvin is a great player and i love watching him drain the 3s, but i do think that having Enes starting would NOT ONLY benefit his development, but also the team.

Conclusion in a sentence: Start Kanter, make Marvin 7th man.

Our Bigman, who should they model their game after?

Derrick Favors: Serge Ibaka, with range to shoot mid 2s (not long 2s), we all know why i said Ibaka. Them blocks :)
Enes Kanter: LaMarcus Aldridge, similar height and weight, if Kanter can improve his rebounding as well as shooting he can be a beast.
Jeremy Evan: Dennis Rodman, ok, not his altitude, but his game. Around the same frame and height, if Evans can develop a Rodman type game, he WILL be a beast.
Marvin Williams: Ryan Anderson, as both shoot 3s, and have kinda a similar game.
Rudy Gobert: YAAAAOOOO MIIIIINNNNGG. Similar standing reach, if Gobert can develop into a Yao Ming type player (which he kinda already is), he will be deadly. BOTH OFFENSIVELY. AND. DEFENSIVELY.

And that is it for this edition of BIGMAN. (I probably won't continue this series, too much hardwork :P )

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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