SportVU is awesome

I'm pretty into basketball. Historically I am a person that would depend more on my eye test than stats. But I love having as much information as possible, so I've never been one to outright dismiss numbers (put in your own 'that's just your numbers game' joke here). I am blown away by what SportVU can track and what we can take from it.

Recently, in my never ending battle to justify Alec Burks getting more minutes, I speculated that he might actually be as good of a spot up 3pt shooter as Jefferson, but the problem was he was taking too many shots off the dribble that was killing his %. Guess what I found out today, the answer to my question. But we'll get there, first I want you to guess who is the best spot up shooter on the Jazz this season according to's player tracking and arranging it by catch and shoot efg%. I'll give you a minute to really think about it.

Ok, that's more than enough time because you are probably wrong. Diante Garrett leads the Jazz with an efg% from catch and shoots of 75% for a total of 18 points, on 1.0 opportunities a game. Might be some sample size issues there, but pretty good for a backup PG.

I am avoiding listing the rest of the players because this is going to be painful. I will list them by their estimated NBA rank, I didn't want to actually count where they were. Sorry I'm not going to take the time to make shiny boxes and stuff.

90th Marvin Williams 78 total points on 5 attempts per game at 60% efg%

125 John Lucas III 51, 2.6, 55.4%

130 Jeremy Evans 12, 1.4, 54.5%

170 Rudy Gobert 2, .1, 50%

210 Enes Kanter 52, 2.7, 48.1%

215 Richard Jefferson 82, 4.1, 47.7%

230 Trey Burke 23, 2.8, 46%

245 Alec Burks 24, 1.3, 44.4%

270 Gordon Hayward 74, 4.3, 40.7%

280 Ian Clark 8, 1.3, 40.0%

295 Derrick Favors 28, 1.8, 37.8%

That's probably enough. The rest of the team is bad enough that it is comical.

Those numbers are bad. There are 426 players listed. We have a lot of guys taking a lot of shots who are below league average. I have no idea what happened to Hayward, and I wish I could see his numbers from last year, but there is no way he should be that low. And I know he is starting slow, and I know this is the first time he is a first option so his efficiency is supposed to be down this year, but that shouldn't be a factor here. And for as much crap as we give JL3 about not being able to hit an open corner three, Hayward is far far far far worse. I'm mostly just sad, and honestly don't know what conclusions to pull from it, other than this team really misses Horny.

Oh and Richard Jefferson is a better 3pt catch and shooter than Alec Burks, not that I really care about that anymore.

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