#JazzOdds Week 6 Recap

Another standard Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday week for the Jazz had our boys going 1-3 against the spread (3/1 over/under) after a promising outright win on Monday. For the season, the Jazz are now 9-12-1 against the spread (10/12 over/under). With some luck, the Jazz could've covered in 3 of 4 games, but alas, we tank well. Here's how it played out:

Jazz 109, Houston 103 (Jazz were +7.5, O/U 201.5). After a road win in Phoenix, the Jazz had some momentum coming back home to play the Rockets. Still, Vegas had us a big dog at home, and despite 37 points and 8 dimes from James Harden, our boys would not be denied. Hayward finally had a nice shooting game (which turned out to be the outlier in a string of crappy shooting), and a healthy Marvin Williams would make the difference down the stretch. If you had the Jazz and over (which a lot of you did!), tally your point!

Winners: @Clarkpojo, @RxMike12, @carty64, @RcaAmarante, BFBen, @brytonbenson, @OhioHadley, @JazzyTameKate, and @SLCJuanB

Indiana 95, Jazz 86 (Jazz were +8, O/U 187.5). I was surprised to see we were only an 8 point underdog to the white-hot Pacers, but coming off two straight wins will do that to a line. I was also surprised come the final buzzer that I had actually picked the Jazz! I was rooting for the Pacers to score a bit at the end (once the loss was inevitable), but I had my heart/money on the wrong side. Oopsie. Anyways, Paul George decided to wake up in the fourth and a pathetic 38 point second half for the Jazz would seal the under and a Pacers cover.

Winners: @bjcseven, @New_OrleansJazz, @PWillUNLV, @RcaAmarante, @BrianBonks, @utahjazzfan1850, @seanp33, @KennChapman17, and @two4bagger

Portland 130, Jazz 98 (Jazz were +11.5, O/U 200). Um, when we set the totals, it's not expected for ONE TEAM to challenge it. Portland scored 103 through three quarters and hell, all the Jazz had to do was show up to get this game to go over. Unfortunately, they did show up (in theory), and Portland did the rest. Portland covered the spread in 2 of the 4 quarters alone, and somehow we actually outscored them in the other two while losing by 32. Well played, boys. Well played. Portland and over was the easy money here.

Winners: @bjcseven, @trillwright, @seanp33, @Peter_J_Novak, and @samq626

Sacramento 112, Jazz 102 (Jazz were -2(!), O/U 194.5). Yep, you read that right... 22 games into the season and we're finally favored to win one! That's pretty amazing to type/read/say and a sad state of affairs for this season. Luckily, we have a Draft-thingy in 2014 to entertain us in the meantime. This game could have gone either way down the stretch. We were looking at a Jazz/under victory until McLemore stopped shooting like Macklemore and tied the game on a blown defensive assignment by Alec Burks (probably, even if it wasn't his fault). Then, Trey Burke had a chance to cause another push with a floater in the late to push the Jazz to victory and the total over, but no dice. Overtime would take us over the total and the Kings/DMC would do the rest. Congrats to Jimmer on his outright victory, and if you had the Kings and the over, congrats to you as well.

Winners: @DBHam2, @two4bagger, @KennChapman17, @UtahJazzPodcast, @Run_Pappy, @RcaAmarante, and @dianaallen

Lots of winners this week... I think y'all are guessing better getting the hang of things finally. Another 'typical week' this week has us replaying games in different locations vs. the Blazers, at the Kings, then at the Nuggets, and back home vs. the Spurs. Another potentially rough week could see us at 4-26 (wow). But, there's always #JazzOdds to provide a winning atmosphere to a season full of tanking.

Enjoy the week, if there are any questions, find me on Twitter @RxMike12 and I'd be happy to explain. :)

Leaderboard: (Didn't realize my 1/2 point wasn't being counted for game 2 - now 0.5 = happy spreadsheet)

7.5 - @bjcseven

6 - @seanp33, BFBen

5 - @RxMike12, @brytonbenson, @Run_Pappy, @JazzyTameKate

4.5 - @OhioHadley

4 - @dianaallen, @BrianBonks, @da_breezman, @carty64, @RcaAmarante

Keep making your picks every game... there's still lots of season to go!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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