To the Dunk writers and the fans.

In response to recent accusations towards certain writers of SLCdunk I thought it would be nice to take a moment and express something that needs to be stated: these writers do this with their own time and get no compensation for the great material they provide us. Yes. It's amazing that this even has to be stated because I thought it was fairly obvious. These great individuals who dedicate time towards an obsession of ours should be heralded, even if one doesn't agree with their opinions.

I've frequented SLCdunk almost since the beginning and have many good relationships via twitter and other social media outlets with many of the writers and long time fans of the page. I've been nothing but impressed and amazed at the dedication they've demonstrated. Whether it's BBJ, Diana, Moni, Amar, or many of the other writers that have come and gone. It's gotten to the point where we seem to take that for granted.

These people take hours out of their day to personally post MULTIPLE stories, articles, and spreadsheets (here's looking at you Amar) a day. We are gloriously spoiled by the amount of content that they all bring. Even more by the wide variety that is included in that content. Whether it's Yucca making your heart ache with how he takes a simple event or memory and turns into a relatable magical experience for everyone who's been touched by athletics; Amar with his ability to break down the math, throw multiple numbers at you, and express the game in simple quantifiable numbers; or Diana with her down to earth, baring her soul, hopes, opinions, and dreams about the Jazz; each writer brings something to the table that the others don't. They do this not only willingly but with such vigor that I can't even express how grateful I am for it. I'm sure many of you feel the same way.

If you expect a certain type of professional quality pieces, well, you're probably better off dealing with ESPN, Yahoo, etc etc. It's not fair to ask more than the already given hardwork and professionalism from these individuals. I mean you shouldn't expect Walter Cronkite here from a doctor, stay at home mom, school teacher, students, lower hemisphere/out of country/writes two blogs with her time, and other people here. Unfair expectations.

What you can expect is die-hard Jazz fans from all over expressing that fandom in the best ways they know how. Can you really ask for more than that? Ask more than their time, love of the Jazz, and a type of professionalism that someone like me only aspires to? I don't think you can, nor should you.

At times it may seem like there is some sort of hidden agenda being pushed here but that's more of a result of being like minded and looking at the Jazz from the same perspective than it is a result of some conspiracy. (Seriously though guys, if you are having cult meetings where agenda's are being set. I want in. I'm offended that I haven't already been asked. I look badass in hooded robes and I can keep a secret. I promise! It's Amar's fault isn't it? I knew it. You make one crack about Canada and suddenly those northerners start passive aggressively edging you out. I'm sorry Amar! I love Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Rush, Dwayne Johnson, etc! I mean it! *sobs quietly* )I am going to take the chance to call many of these writers my friends and I hope they don't mind. Knowing what I know about them, it's not a conspiracy. I promise. If anything it's just been like a slow tectonic drift of opinions slowly all being caught in the same magma current and pushed towards the same inclination.

What it all boils down to, what it's always boiled down to, is we just want the Jazz to succeed. It's what we all want as Jazz fans. We all have different opinions on how it's going to happen, if it'll happen, when it'll happen, etc. That doesn't matter though. What matters is that Stockton to Malone runs in our blood and on some level that makes us all family. I think that's what is so great about sports. It is supposed to unite us, even as it divides us. It gives us something to poor our irrationality into. It gives us something to be passionate about. No other proof is needed then watching the writers of this blog do what they do. Between classes, between shifts at hospitals, between taking care of a family, it's impressive what they accomplish.

Thank you to all you writers. Thank you for your hard work, your love, your passion, your time and effort. Thank you for making me a better Jazz fan by giving us different perspectives, up to date news, and most of all, a little of yourselves.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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