Does this make me a bad Jazz fan?

I am 23 years old. I was born and bred a Jazz fan. I have been held as a child by the one and only Karl Malone. I dumped a girl because she hated the Jazz and turned out to be an annoying Laker fan. I attend Jazz games when occasion permits, and have voraciously defended them in sports debates. I have paid my dues and watched just about every single Jazz game of the last 8 years.

However, I'm at a dilemma.

The Jazz are my heart and soul and I love them, but this year, as many of you have made very well known, it has been trying. Beyond trying. The Jazz seemingly are on a path of self-destruction; it's like having a baby eagle and watching it grow throughout the years, having its ups and downs, but eventually getting the potential to spread its wings and fly. You are so happy for your eagle! But then, right when you are so excited for its future, it turns to raging alcoholism and hard drugs. You stay by its side, nurturing it, waiting for the day for it to turn around. Alas, that day may not come for the next five years by the looks of things sometimes.

The front office and coaching staff have considerably let me down thus far these past two seasons. I am a strong supporter of players earning playing time, but as its been pointed it many times on this site, the C4 needs to be given the reigns if we expect to win a championship at any point in the next 10 years.

I have now gotten irritated enough that I am thinking of leaving my Jazz. Why is that? I have loved them my whole life. I will always love them, but I can no longer support their choices and lifestyle.

If the front office and coaching staff don't shape up or ship out by the end of this coming offseason by making respectable and wise personnel moves (players and coaching), I believe that I will check my loyalty at the door and head out. Just find another team to follow. Ya know the Blazers and Raptors are looking pretty fun to follow right now.

I am not saying fire Ty or dump every veteran, or anything radical like that. I just need some changes that make sense. A rotation that doesn't blow my mind every single night. A team that I can respect their direction.

....does this make me a bad Jazz fan?

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