Jazz-Nets-Bobcats Trade

First of all, here is the trade:

Jazz trade: Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Demare Carroll and Jamal Tinsley, GSW Pick

Jazz receive: Desagana Diop, Tyrus Thomas, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kemba Walker

This trade will definitely hurt the Jazz this year, depending on how consistent the young players can be. The trade machine says it would cost the Jazz 3 games, it will probably push us out of the play offs.

Line up this year:

PG: Mo, Walker, Burks, Watson

SG: Foye, Hayward, Burks

SF: Marvin Williams, Gilchrist, Murphy

PF: Favors, Marvin, Evans, Thomas

C: Diop, Kanter, Favors

This will open up a lot of minutes for our young bigs (I don't think anybody is crazy enough to give lots of minutes to Diop and Thomas over Favors and Kanter). I also don't think it will affect the minutes of Hayward and Burks (Walker will take Tinsley's minutes and Gilchrist, Carroll's).

The Jazz will be stronger at point guard and small forward (Walker/Gilchrist >>> Tinsley/Carroll) , but weaker in the front court (Favors/Kanter/Marvin/Diop/Thomas << Millsap/Jefferson/Favors/Kanter) but not as badly as a Millsap/Jefferson for Diop/Thomas trade should be, because Kanter, Favors, and Marvin should be able to pick up a decent portion of the gap. The Jazz offense will miss their leading scores in Jefferson/Millsap but should be less iso and more flex. Hayward, Marvin, Favors and the others should do much better.

Next year's partial line up:

PG: Walker, Burks

SG: Hayward, Burks

SF: Marvin, Gilchrist, Murphy

PF: Favors, Marvin, Evans, Thomas

C: Kanter

The Jazz will have lots of assets going into the draft and free agency to pick up additional players. They will still have their own 1st round pick (lottery pick, maybe), lots of cap space (only Thomas' bad contract), and young assets. The Jazz would be a much more balanced team (a core of 2 bigs, 2 wings, 1 combo guard, and 1 point guard). The Jazz won't let Millsap and Jefferson walk for nothing.

Bobcats trade: Tyrus Thomas, Desagana Diop, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kemba Walker, and Ben Gordon

Bobcats receive: Al Jefferson, Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Marshon Brooks, Jamal Tinsley and the GSW 1st round pick, Nets future 1st round pick

Although the Bobcats give up two promising lottery picks, they get the best player in the trade (Al Jefferson) and two first round picks to make up for the lose. They trade a malcontent in Ben Gordon, who will be very hard to trade and still has 2 years on his deal. They trade a terrible contract in Thomas. They can use the GSW and Nets pick to replace what they have lost.

In the front court they will have a strong 4 man rotation in Jefferson and Humphries (somebody the Bobcats have tried to get) to go along with their two young bigs (Biyombo, and Warrick). At the wing Wallace and Brooks can at least partially replace the production of Gordon and Gilchrist. Although Tinsley is no replacement for Walker he is a very good back up point guard to Sessions.

Nets trade: Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace and Marshon Brooks

Nets receive: Ben Gordon, Paul Millsap, Demare Carroll

The Nets are looking to make a trade. This one makes sense because they are in a win now mode, they have few trade assets, they can't acquire free agents this summer and they need some inexpensive vets to balance their roster.

They have expressed interest in Millsap and have looked at trading for Ben Gordon as well as other trades (Josh Smith, etc...).

The Nets are in a win now mode and aren't as interested in draft picks or young players as players in their prime. Their own draft pick and players like Gilchrist and Walker aren't as valuable to them as vet players like Millsap, Carroll and Gordon.

Their biggest problem is that they have very little to trade so they can get very little back. They don't have the ability to acquire free agents this summer as they have no cap space. That said, once they have a player, they aren't afraid to go over the luxury tax.

Somebody like Millsap with his expiring contract, is less valuable to other teams, because they can wait and try and sign him this summer without giving up assets, they risk losing him this summer for nothing. The Nets can't sign him this summer though. They should also be able to afford to match any offer he receives, they can reunite him with D-Will, they can also offer him a starting role. So they have a good chance of keeping him if they can get him.

Because of the poor trade assets, taking on a net negative contract in Gordon may be the only way the Nets can participate in a trade. Who else would want to trade for Humphries or Wallace who are being paid like above average players with bellow average numbers. Gordon can also be a great player when he wants to and can provide scoring off of the bench.

Carroll can replace Wallace and the Nets will be able to retain him next year. He will also be an inexpensive vet that they can sign long term to provide hustle and glue to the rest of their lineup.

What do you think?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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