Looking Forward to the "3 Draft Picks"

So I keep hearing that we have $40 million for free agency and 3 draft picks. The $40 million is set in stone We know what contracts come off the books and when. But what about the 3 draft picks. Well, they might not be as great as you think...

What 3 draft picks do we assume we have? Our 1st, our 2nd, and Golden State's 1st correct? Maybe not. Doing some research on I have discovered the following:

Utah Jazz: Receives Golden State’s 2013 first-round pick (top-7 protected in 2013, top-6 protected in 2014, else 2014 and 2016 second-round picks) via Utah (from the Marcus Williams trade on 9/29/09) from the Deron Williams trade on 2/23/11.
-We all knew this trade. We get that 1st round pick unless Golden State has that same "epic fail" they had last year. They would have to be Hornets/Kings bad to keep it, unless the lottery helps them out again.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Receives Utah’s 2013 first-round pick (top-12 protected in 2013, top-9 protected from right to swap in 2014, else 2014 second-round pick) via the Al Jefferson trade on 7/13/10.
-Ladies and gentlemen, top 12 is a lottery team. We are not a lottery team currently. You would have to be right around Dallas range of the standings to keep your own 1st round pick. And that doesn't include if the lottery decides to screw you over and steal your draft pick for Minnesota. But that also means that you miss the playoffs. So now, we only have 2 draft picks.

Utah Jazz: Receives Chicago’s 2013 second-round pick via the Carlos Boozer trade on 7/8/10.
-And there is our 2nd pick. We don't have two 1st and a 2nd that we assumed we would. In reality we have a 1st that we could possibly lose depending on how the Warriors start playing and two 2nd round picks.

So where does this all stack up in the grand scheme of things? Well at the NBA trade deadline, we would drafting as such:
Golden State - 19th pick overall
Utah Jazz - 48th pick overall
Chicago Bulls - 51st pick overall

Knowing that now, how do you feel about the draft? You think you can find decent starters/role players in the 2nd round? Every once in a while you strike gold and catch a Paul Millsap but how often do you find Robert Whaley?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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