The Sophomore Season of Hayward and Burks: An Anomaly.

What confuses me the most about the Alec Burks situation, is how much differently he has been treated by the organization in comparison to Gordon Hayward, despite the situations being quite similar. With Gordon, the organization seemingly gave him the benefit of the doubt from the get go. They made a firm commitment to giving G ample playing time to develop even tho he wasnt yet producing at a level that warranted 30 mpg. They basically said, "You are going to be an important part of this team in the future, and we are going all in on you, and you have 100% of our support" With Burks, its seems as tho its more of, "we hope you can be a big part of this team someday, good luck." Now, G had much better shooting percentages than Alec does now, but I also feel that Burks would be shooting higher percentages if his minutes werent so sporadic and short. Its hard to shoot well when you are coming in cold after sitting on the bench for 45 minutes, ESP when you are worried that you wont see the court for the rest of the night if you miss your first two shots. Even those who don't like Burks have to admit there is a noticeable difference is Alec's confidence and overall swagger from this season to last. The uncertainty around his situation and all the DNP's (pre mo injury) had a lot to do with that.

ALL STATS ASIDE, the glaring difference in the way these two players have been handled makes zero sense to me.

That said, lets compare some stats. Per 36 in their second seasons.

G 14ppg 4.1 FTA 4.1 RPG 3.7 APG 0.9 SPG 0.7 BPG 1.9 TO's

Alec 13.3 PPG 5.3 FTA 4.4 RPG 2.5 APG 0.9 SPG 0.6 BPG 1.8 TO's

Yes, there is a substantial difference in shooting percentage between the two. And i know that is important. Very important. But as I said, IMO, the uncertainty of Burks' situation has had a big effect on those %'s. I would hope Alec could come back up to his shooting percentages of last year of 45, 35, and 75 given a more stable situation. Consequently closing the gap between their advanced stats. (Yes I realize the pvs paragraph was 100% opinion)

Maybe my memory just isn't serving me at the moment, but I feel like Gordon was nearly as inconsistent a year ago, and his flashes of what he could be were far between, as Alec is/are today. I know I am a Burks homer, but I also know that this team will not be a contender someday unless the C4 all become what we think they can be. C3 just isn't going to cut it. The cherry on top for me, is Marvin Williams getting minutes over Burks. I think Marvin is a very, very small upgrade over Burks. The difference? one of these players has the potential to get better.

Am I way off on this? Discuss..

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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