How much will Millsap command in free agency?

I recently did a very similar post on how much I think Favors will command in free agency. Because Paul Millsap and Favors play the same position, I will be posting very similar stats/numbers. Here are the numbers.

Power Forward salary PER

Nowitzki-20,927,108 15.43

Stoudemire 19,948,000 22.74

Bosh- 17,545,000 20.61

Randolph- 16,500,000 18.5

Griffin- 16,402,500 23.15

Boozer- 15,000,000 17.34

Love- 13,668,000 18.39

Aldridge- 13,500,000 19.87

Smith- 13,200,000 17.01

Ibaka- 12,350,000 18.66

Horford-12,000,000 18.41

Humphries- 12,000,000 13.97

Lee- 12,744,000 19.84

West- 10,000,000 20.21

Kirilenko- 9,779,000 18.2

Anderson- 8,700,000 19.19

Millsap- 8,603,633 20.37

Green- 8,385,000 12.32

Young- 8,289,000 17.86

Ilyasova- 7,900,000 16.93

Gibson- 7,555,000 15.04

Davis- 6,400,000 15.38

Bass- 6,000,000 10.96

A. Johnson- 6,000,000 17.84

A few things that jump out to me.....

-Only five players have a PER above 20, and Millsap is the only one that isn't making 10 million+. In fact, all but West and Millsap are making max level money.

-The Jazz offered Millsap an extension worth about 8 million a year for 3 years. Gibson, Ilyasova, Green, Young, and Anderson all received similar contracts. Is Millsap better than these players?

- Only 9 players (not on rookie contracts) are averaging at least what Millsap does- 15.5/7.5/2.5. Of those 9 players, West is the lowest paid at 10 Million a year.

-Of the players making more money than Millsap, almost all of them have shown the ability to at least do one of two things: score 20 pts a game, or net 10 rebounds a game. The exceptions are Anderson (3 pt specialist), Kirilinko (jack of all trades/defense), and Smith (jack of all trades/defender). Millsap is similar to Kirilinko and Smith in the fact that he isn't great at any one thing, but very good at many things.

I've heard some people on SLC dunk claim he could make 13 million a year. I've heard others (David Locke), say it was a stupid decision not to accept his 3 yr 25 million offer. So I ask all of you, what do you think he'll make in his next contract, and is it worth it for the Jazz to sign him at that price?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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