AND ONE!!! A deeper look at Booz in Utah.

Today on 1280 the zones Big Show Spence and Gordon were talking about the controversy that surrounds Carlos Boozer and why fans can BOO him tonight. If you saw my tweet in the 1st Quarter you would have seen me state that Boozer still hears Booz in Utah instead of the Boo's (pardon me for a twitter mention to garner more followers, I digress). The show got me thinking about everything that is Boozer and Utah: Cleveland, Michelle Money, Utah, Michelle Money, Acne, Money, Michelle Money... moving on.

My wife and I went to a game in 2007 (1st game of 07-08: boxscore) It was the opening game to the Jazz season against the Warriors fresh off the playoffs where the Warriors upset the #1 seeded Dallas Mavs and then in round 2 Baron Davis dunked on AK47 whom cried in the epic game 7 of the Rockets season for not having enough touches. Yes Carlos Boozer was the reason we won Game 7 against the Rockets in the 07 Playoffs. My wife and I were sitting row 8 behind the basket and a fan was telling Boozer during a free throw to try Proactiv to clear up his acne. My wife turned around and berated the man and I am still shocked! (Some fans are crazy, why yell at our own team like that). My wife believes that there are some things you dont make fun of. The Jazz won that game...

Cleveland Scandal

This is before Lebron's decision when the Cav's were poised for a huge future with the King in Cleveland. Boozer felt like he deserved more money. He was a 2nd round pick and producing farely well and approached management about a raise since he was on his rookie deal. So some bargaining was happening before NBA rules really allowed them to happen so its not like the Cavs are in the free and clear. I always heard that the Cavs believed they could still get Boozer on a bargain by doing this 6 year $40 Million Deal.

Straight from the vault we read "Boozer, recently named to the U.S. Olympic team, could have been Cleveland's next season for $695,000, but the Cavaliers did not pick up their option after, the club said, Boozer had committed to re-signing for the team's full mid-level exception -- somewhere around six years and $40 million."

Utah now jumps in and makes the 6 year $68 Million offer. Our old school ESPN article now continues, "Now Cleveland almost certainly cannot retain Boozer. While the Cavs have the right to match the Utah offer, they are only about $4 million under the current cap and would have to trade and/or renounce the rights to a number of players to clear enough room to sign Boozer." old school source

Rob Pelinka was his agent at the time whom helped handle this deal for MR C BOOZ but they seperated after this ordeal. Funny thing is that they reunited when Boozer signed his contract in Chicago.

Boozer stated on his 1st return to Cleveland, "There was no commitment. It’s unfortunate how the turn of events went through the media," Boozer said shortly after signing the deal with Utah. "I’m not a guy that gives my word and takes it away. I think I’ve made that clear." yahoo interview

Utah time

Boozer in Utah became the player that really got him paid. In Jerry Sloan's power system he became a two time all star and was able to help lead the Jazz to the Western Conference Finals. He had trouble with the Lakers Bigs in Gasol, Odom, and Bynum but played pretty well against all other western foes. We heard plenty of And Ones from him and he was the recipant of many Deron Williams passes. The duo was an athletic reincarnation of Stockton to Malone. The Jazz post season streak was living on and (I know we missed the 03-04 season but it sounded cool) David Locke calls this the Jazz 2.0 squad. Good Times...

The Big Show spoke of all the injuries. Boozer missed nearly half of his games in Utah due to injury and everyone has their beliefs on that but I always wondered why he didnt play through some injuries. When money was on the line for free agency he had an amazing season. Man Dwight Howard is playing injured. I mean Larry Miller called Booz out for lack of effort.

Boozer had great numbers in Utah-

You should already know that though so no reason to really go look them up. His time in Utah was tainted by injury. We have come accustomed to players not getting hurt because we were spoiled by Karl Malones two decades of health but Boozer was on the opposite side of that.

Boozer then was injured again in 08-09 and everyone thought he was gone but he opted into his last year of his contract and played on in Utah for one more season.

Couple more tidbits. 1- The Cavs like to post letters to fans for disappointments, one from Boozer here and the infamous Lebron one from Dan Gilbert where he said he would get a championship in Cleveland before Lebron got one in Miami which he has apologized for.

Gund posted a letter to fans on the team's Web site explaining Cleveland's side of the story.

"In the final analysis, I decided to trust Carlos and show him the respect he asked for. He did not show that trust and respect in return. That's what happened," Gund's letter said.

Boozer could not be reached for comment and he is no longer represented by agent Rob Pelinka, who worked out the deal with the Jazz. O'Connor said Boozer had to get a lawyer to look over the final contract before signing it.

The maximum Cleveland could offer Boozer in a new contract would be nearly $30 million less than the Jazz deal.

Michelle Money

"tried to insert image but cant get to work, sorry"

I hope that @losttacovendor is not the only Jazz fan that also watches the Bachelor with me but just incase we will give some background. Anyways Michelle Money is a girl on the Bachelor and she was good looking and from Salt Lake City then later to gain her celebrity she announced that she had an affair with a married Carlos Boozer. My cousin confirmed this about a year before she announced. He is a hair stylist that works in downtown SLC that I will remain unnamed for protection. He told me of Boozer, DWill's clubbing antics and Ronnie Brewer but those are stories for another day.

full money article

"Michelle Money, one of the bachelorettes vying for Womack's marriage proposal this season on the ABC hit show, claims she had an affair with married Bulls forward Carlos Boozer and is regretting her actions.

The 30-year-old hair stylist from Utah told Life & Style that Boozer told her he was separated , when actually he and his wife had not yet filed for divorce. She said she was sorry when she learned the truth and regrets the affair."

Ive heard since then that Michelle was a scumbag to her husband and basically was looking for money.


The Big Show was talking about how Boozer was on Chicago radio talking about how much he loved Chi town and how he could play there next year because he was saying this while still under contract with the JAZZ. He also talked about playing with Dwight in Orlando. Basically never spoke of staying in Utah. Spence had an interview scheduled with Carlos and about 10 minutes prior Boozer cancelled and then was on Chicago radio and I believe it was ESPN Chicago. I tried to find the audio but couldnt, a link to that would be awesome.

David Locke talks about how Carlos Boozer was always really cordial with him during his Jazz days but as soon as Locke ran into him as a Bull Carlos acts like he doesnt even know who David Locke is. So Locke and Spence have similar stories of how Boozer really is.

We then all remember the time that Boozer fell over a bag in the preseason or training camp in Chicago and broke his hand. During the same time that his wife filled for divorce since she learned everything about his affair. The sad thing is that Booz met CeCe at Duke and they were married young and have kids. His one daughter suffers from sickle cell disease and here we have Mr Selfish leaving the kids behind.

Boozer also had the comment last year of how the Bulls had the best regular season and the post season doesnt matter?!? Yeah really?!? He cares about his stats and himself, the Boozer brand. There are so many reasons to prove this theory. Yes a theory is something that is believed to be true until proven otherwise.

Current Booz Newz

This season Boozer was interviewed about the decision he made leaving Cleveland 10 years ago.

What if he wouldn’t have left Cleveland for Utah after the 2003-04 season? Could he and James have been a good enough duo to have done it together with the Cavaliers?

"No, my what-if last year was if we would’ve stayed healthy, we think we would have won the championship,’’ Boozer said. ‘‘That was my what-if last year. I felt like if we were healthy, we would have had a chance to win a championship ourselves.’’ what if source

He doesnt really even want to speculate about that, he believes deep down he did nothing wrong. I am not saying he did BUT there are lots of situations where Boozer seems to be on the wrong side.

Listen to the Big Show talk to hear everything that got me thinking. Boozer talk on Big Show

I am sure I could dig deeper but I want to hear your thoughts.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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