Jazz fight back, but fall to Mavericks 113-108; go 0-3 on Texas Triangle road trip

I love it when you take shots at the rim - Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Game #70 • American Airlines Center • Dallas, TX • March 24, 2013 • 5:30 p.m. (MT) • TV: ROOT Sports RADIO: 1280 AM/97.5 FM and 1600 AM ESPN Deportes

NBA Regular Season 2012-2013, Game 70:

Utah Jazz 108 @ Dallas Mavericks 113

Roy Tarpley isn't walking through that door . . .


The Basics:

This was our second half.


We tried, we got down by 20, we fought back. And we got another loss. That's three in a row on this road trip. It's four of our last five games. It's eight of our last ten. And it's 12 of our last 15. If we're going to do it we have to start winning these important games. It looked really bad at the end of last March too. But we made it. I think that this is a playoff capable team, the parts are there. They're just not synching up right now. Is that on the players? The schedules? The shifting roles? The coach? Everyone? Probably everyone.

I loved our fight in San Antonio. I loved how we didn't give up tonight. At home these are wins. The Mavs went to the line 13 more times than us and won by 5. Also, let's not forget Al Jefferson tipped the ball into the basket he should have been defending. It's effectively a 3 point margin if you remember that.

  • Enes Kanter had 17 points (7/9 shooting), 4 rebounds, an assist, and a steal in 21 minutes
  • Paul Millsap had 15 points (7/11 shooting), 9 rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 steals, and 1 assist
  • Al Jefferson had 15 points (6/12 shooting), 3 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal
  • Gordon Hayward had 13 points (5/9 shooting), 5 assists, and 2 rebounds
  • Randy Foye had 12 points (4/8 shooting, 3/6 from downtown), 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and a steal
  • Alec Burks had 11 points (4/9 shooting, 2/3 from downtown), 3 assists, 2 rebounds, and a steal
  • Mo Williams has 10 points (4/10 shooting, 2/4 from downtown), 8 assists, 3 rebounds, and 2 steals
  • DeMarre Carroll and Jeremy Evans made solid contributions in the limited time they played, particularly on defense

Some of our players aren't quitting. I hope our brain trust are smart enough to identify just who those guys are.

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