Derrick Favors "terrible" Offense

So I got thinking about how everyone who says anything about the Jazz are always saying that they are super worried about Favors ever being able to be productive on the offensive end.

Take a look at this though:

Derrick Favors averages 9.3 ppg on 7.3 FGA
Al Jefferson averages 17.3 ppg on 15.6 FGA

Derrick Favors is a better offensive player than Al Jefferson, he shoots almost a free throw more per game than Al, and I think if you gave him the field goal attempts that Al gets, he would be averaging close to 20 points per game.

So on this board, I get the feeling that we give Al a pass on his offense, and really gouge him for his terrible defense. To me, it seems that Al is either just a terrible player all around, or he has decent offense. I often hear that if Al could just have passable defense, then we would be a much better team. To me, the answer is simple. Get rid of Al, insert Favors into at least some of the possessions we run for Al, and we will improve dramatically. It does not look like we will have much of a drop off offensively if we use Favors instead of Al.

Theoretically, if you double Favors field goal attempts per game, then you also double his points, so he would average 18.6 points and 14.6 fga per game. That is more points than Al Jefferson, on less shots. This looks like there is really no downside at all. Maybe Favors actually has the offensive skills that we are looking for, but Corbin is so stuck on coaching a team revolving around Al, that he can't use the other guys effectively.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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