Dear Jazz Fans: A Letter From the Front Office

Greetings Jazz fans, this is Kennis O'Lindsey, General Manager of your favorite team.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have about our recently deceased team and it's future. I find myself very conflicted on many things, and I suspect many of you share this feeling with me. I hope this helps you find closure on the season that was, and excitement for the season that will be. However, I suspect it will just confuse you. What follows is a collection of random thoughts.

I am extremely disappointed that we missed the playoffs. I am genuinely saddened. Part of me is disappointed that we will miss out on playoff revenue. Part of me is upset that our future core is missing out on playoff experience.

Part of me is sad that Al Jefferson, Mo Williams, Paul Millsap, and Randy Foye couldn't make a playoff run and therefor justify me spending a boatload of money on them in the offseason. Part of me is quite angry that we rode those players so hard, at the expense of limiting our young core's minutes, only to fall short of the playoffs. Did we waste a year?

Part of me thinks I did a masterful job of constructing this years team, and we got very unlucky that our once-an-all-star-always-an-all-star point guard missed an unfortunately large chunk of the season. I also feel that we should have seen a much bigger jump in our second and third year players this year. Part of me feels that this team performed at it's ceiling all year, and it's only way to improve would have been to let our young core develop with more in game experience and the confidence of knowing that they have the freedom to make some mistakes.

Part of me hopes I can keep most of our vets for next season because they are true leaders. Part of me wants to vomit all over that last sentence.

We obviously cannot keep our 4 bigs together next season. We have enough proof that Kanter and Favors can perform at an NBA level. Maybe not an All Star level, but definitely NBA level. Part of me hopes that I can bring Al Jefferson back for a long term deal, and that more time for him to gel with our young guys and our coaching staff will be good for all. Part of me feels that we have seen the absolute ceiling that Al Jefferson can take us to and that we should sign Paul Millsap or another free agent big man and try something new with a 3 big man rotation.

We do not have any PG's under contact for next year. Obviously that needs to change. We will have 3 PG's by the beginning of next season. Part of me hopes to bring Mo Williams and Jamaal Tinsley back, while drafting a point guard this year to warm the bench for both of them. Or maybe we could try to snag Steve Blake. Part of me will do everything possible to lure Jeff Teague from ATL, or snag Jose Calderon for a couple years, while drafting a 2nd string PG and signing Jamaal Tinsley to be our 3rd PG.

As for our wings, I find myself fairly content with our options. Marvin Williams will be back next year, and I am very excited about that. I think he is a great option as a starting 3, a primary weapon off the bench, or a stretch 4. I also hope sign Demarre Carroll to a respectable contract. Alec Burks has proven he is, at the very least, deserving of 25-30 minutes off the bench. Part of me wants to throw an outrageous amount of money at Randy Foye. He is basically as good as Horny ever was. Part of me would bring him back for a reasonable amount but realizes that means we forego signing DMC.

We will need to fill out our roster with several more players. We will have 2 draft picks, but will still need to sign some players to small contracts. Part of me hopes to give mediocre veterans more money than they deserve on a one year deal. Part of me wants to find an efficient player capable of being a 1st or 2nd offensive option, pay him enough money to get him to commit to Utah for several years, and fill out the roster with cheap, high risk-high reward players.

I want to thank you for being a Jazz fan. You are the best! Part of me knows that your fanhood deserves a team that will at least come close to the playoffs every single year, regardless of the long term effects that may have on ever being able to compete for a championship. Who knows maybe we will get lucky and draft 2 hall of fame players and find a hall of fame coach that will all commit to our small town for their entire careers (or something). Part of me wants to apologize for a season that had no direction, didn't result in playoffs, didn't result in an exciting draft pick, and didn't see our exciting young core get as much minutes and respect as they deserve.

No, I will not talk about our coach. Shut up.

To close, I want to set the expectation that this offseason will be exciting. We will bring a lot of new players to our team. You will love some of the moves we make. You may also be very confused by some of the moves we make. It is likely that I won't even feel very confident in some of those moves. However, we are all united in our desire to see this team succeed and I ask you to root for whoever is on our sideline next season, regardless of if you would have made the same move yourself. We are Utah Jazz.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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