Ty Corbin: Genius

The following piece can be read in two different ways.

For those who are on the #fireCorbin band wagon, you can read this piece as a satire - the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

For those towing the Company line and defending Ty Corbin, you can read this piece as a complementary article praising Ty Corbin's coaching abilities.

Consequently, everyone should be happy, and come away with a sense of positive reinforcement of their core opinion. It's what we in the business world would call a win-win.

No one should be offended after reading any fan replies to this post that are fiery, critical, or derisive towards me or to Corbin as those replies are being given in a similar satirical vein, and your fan reply to their fan replies should be "LOL that's a good burn" or "LMFAO how do you come up with that stuff?"

Similarly, no one should be offended after reading fan replies supporting Corbin and myself as you can reply "ROFL, I just choked on my own spit" or "Now I'm LLAL".

Clearly, this is how we should respond to all fan responses on SLCDunk so as to maximize our fan unity. If someone is being highly critical of you and your fan beliefs, obviously they are just having fun and you should respond "Hahahahahahahahahah, nice one!" If someone is being flowery and positive and drawing rainbows and dancing in the tulips about the front office and the coaching staff, undoubtedly they are asking you to say something like "Bwahahahahahahah, I almost thought you were serious!"

With that background, here goes "Ty Corbin: Genius":

Ty Corbin is in his third season and currently owns a record of 84 wins and 87 losses (winning percentage of 49.12%). But, if you take away his first season, his record is 76 wins and 67 losses (a record of 53.15%). Ty's pulled off this record even though he's played the following individuals significant minutes:

1. Big Al (4,476 minutes over the past two seasons; or 65% of game-time minutes for the two seasons)

2. Jamaal Tinsley (1,676 minutes over the past two seasons; or 24% of game-time minutes for the two seasons)

3. Earl Watson (1,862 minutes over the past two seasons; or 27% of game-time minutes for the two seasons)

4. Raja Bell (796 minutes last season; or 25% of game-time minutes for last season)

Further, while these players were on the court, they achieved the following plus/minus statistics:

1. Big Al +3.2, -4.4

2. Jamall Tinsley -3.2, +1.3

3. Earl Watson -.5, -4.5

4. Raja Bell -1.7

Consider that Big Al was first coached by Doc Rivers and the Celtics won 100 games and lost 146 games - a winning percentage of only 40.65% over that time period. Keep in mind that the year after Big Al was traded to Minnesota, Doc Rivers and the Celtics won an NBA championship. Consequently, Ty with Big Al > Doc Rivers with Big Al.

Now consider that Minny's record during Big Al's stay was 61 wins and 185 losses - a winning percentage of 24.80%. This included being coached by Kevin McHale who's record was 24 wins and 58 losses (or 29.27% winning percentage). So Ty with Big Al > Minny with Big Al and Kevin McHale with Big Al. Keep in mind that this is the same Kevin McHale that is coaching the Houston Rockets this year; a team that has 43 wins and 34 losses.

And I haven't even mentioned that Ty is managing to win with a post ACL surgery Big Al (Big Al had knee surgery in 2009), while these coaches were losing with a pre ACL surgery Big Al.

That Ty is able to win playing Big Al and the other players noted above big minutes is total GENIUS!

But that's not all, Ty even spots teams points in the first quarter and still wins! According to 82games, the first quarter is the quarter that correlates most towards winning basketball games. Yet, last year the Jazz spotted opponents .3 points in the first quarter and still ended up winning 36 of 66 games; as if that wasn't enough, Ty is allowing the Jazz to spot teams 1.1 points this year in the first quarter and the Jazz have won 40 of 77 games!

Spotting teams points and still winning more than you lose - total GENIUS!

But wait, there's more - last season, the Jazz quarter by quarter average showed that the Jazz only outscored their opponents in the second quarter. This year isn't quite as improbable, as the Jazz are outscoring opponents on average in the second and third quarters (though to be fair, the Jazz are only winning the third quarter on average by .1 points).

Only winning on average one quarter out of four and winning more than you lose - total GENIUS!

There is a formula that predicts a team's winning percentage based on a team's point differential - it goes like this:

((Points For)^13.91)/(((Points For)^13.91) + ((Points Against)^13.91))

Based on the Jazz's +.7 point differential for last year, their record should have been 34 wins and 32 losses; they actually ended up with 36 wins and 30 losses. This year's Jazz's point differential of -.2 predicts a record of 38 wins and 39 losses; they actually have a record of 40 wins and 37 losses. That means the Jazz are winning 2 more games each year than they should.

Winning two more games a year than you should based on point differential - total GENIUS!

So to sum up:

- Playing players you shouldn't and winning = GENIUS

- Spotting teams points and winning = GENIUS

- Winning only one quarter on average in a basketball game and winning = GENIUS

- Winning more games than you should = GENIUS

Ty Corbin = Genius.

'Nough said!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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