James Ennis is a 6'7 Small (He isn't small btw) Forward from Long Beach State University in Long Beach, CA. This is the same college that produced near first round lock PG Casper Ware, who is killing it in Italy (Remember Kobe was here very early on in his career as well).

Here are some reasons to pick James Ennis:

1. His name is Ennis. Now when Ty yells at Enes to get back on the bench, he can kill two birds with one stone. Ty needs to save his voice to yell words of encouragement to the vets.

2. His career high is 29 against BYU-Hawaii. Do you know anyone else who has scored 29 against BYU Hawaii? Me neither.

3. Matt Harpring is getting tired of calling Enes Kanter "Enes the Menace". This will force him to step his game up and give Enes a Kanter related nickname. Or give Ennis a James related one. Like "James and the Giant Peach Basket" when he is on a scoring tear. Or King James when he becomes the best player in the world.

4. His twitter handle is @JamesDa_Truth. I think he will be a great addition to the Jazz Social Media team. Let's look at some of his best tweets:

8 May

People make laugh

---He and Enes will be the two funniest players on the team. They could host a tv show: Enes the Mennis.

8 May

Shook the best player in the world hand today the black mamba

---James Ennis shook De'Anthony Thomas's hand today and called him the best player in the world. James is humble enough not to belittle others even when he knows he is better than them, which makes him a perfect candidate for Ty's doghouse.

6 May

Lets see if james is clutch!!!!!

---He writes about himself in the third person. Last Jazzman to do this? (Hint: rhymes with Borrowed Cologne).

6 May

Gave my puppy away :((( but it's going to be in good hands :))

-- He gave his puppy away so Derrick Favors wouldn't get jealous that his was way uglier.

5. According to twitter, he is "getting his weight up"

--Enes Kanter can help him with this by taking him to Turkey.

6. He is from Ventura, CA.

--I don't know any Jazz fans in Ventura, a vital market that the Jazz (for some strange reason) have yet to tap into.

7. Ventura is very close to Santa Barbara.

--- You all know what this means.. Ennis and Enes hitting on girls at UCSB.

8. James Ennis probably likes to bowl.

8.5 Our jumbotron will be an upgrade compared to this. Also, he will be on it all the time.

3256681.jpeg (1400×813)

9. James Ennis is coachable

-- Enes Kanter will finally have someone who he can give fashion advice to. Ennis will quickly become the second best dressed player on the team (behind Ty).

10. Ennis went to Junior College.

Other superstars that went to Junior College include: Albert Pujols, Mike Piazza, Cam Newton, Walt Disney, Ben Chang.

11. Ennis is loyal.
---He proved this by returning for his sophomore season at Ventura College and not declaring for the draft.

12. Ennis is a senior.

---Recent NBA drafts have shown us that seniors (ex. Damian Lillard) are much better than younger players, who bust very often (ex. Kwame Brown).

13. Ennis is right handed.

---The best players in the world are right handed (Lebron, Kobe, Jordan). Left handed players are quickly losing their role in the league (CJ Miles.. don't know any others because they all busted).

14. Ennis was the Big West Player of the Year

---Michael Olowakandi was also BW player of the year in 1998. He was drafted 1st overall. We may have to trade up to get James Ennis.

15. Ennis is willing to do whatever it takes.

---Marvin Williams has desperately been searching for someone to watch Looney Tunes with him. James Ennis, though begrudgingly, will do this for him with a positive attitude (see: Lil B). Together, they will watch Marvin the Martian and friends, and maybe watch film too.

16. His name is James

Other famous James's include: James Franco, Lebron James, James Bond, St. James. Very good company he is in.

17. His name is Ennis

She must work out with Kanter.

18. His name rhymes with Dennis

---If we still have a pick after trading up to get Ennis, Dennis can draft Dennis Schroeder. Our starting lineup would be Dennis, Ennis, Hayward, Favors, Enes.

19. He is keeping his plans close to the vest.

---He has even diverted some of the attention away from the Jazz by retweeting someone saying he should come to the Wizards. KOC has already talked to him and told him to refrain from tweeting anything Jazz related so it will be more of a surprise for the fans when they draft him.

20. Look at this interview.

Q: What player in the NBA, if any, do you feel most resembles your game?

A: I would say Jimmy Butler. We are about the same size and have similar skill sets. I love his game. He can guard multiple positions on the floor. I think that working on defense and being solid in that area is the way to stay on the floor at the next level. Coaches love players that can defend.

Q: If I’m an NBA GM, tell me why I should draft you.

A: Because I’m willing to put in the work. I’m a gym rat. I love being in the gym. I’m very humble. I’m always trying to get better. I’m a team player. I have a good background and I stay out of trouble. And I’m just willing to do whatever is best to help out the team. Like I said before, I’m just blessed to have this opportunity and I don’t take that for granted.

---He says Jimmy Butler, implying he is ready to play 48 minutes a game. Every game. And is ready to defend Lebron on day 1. Lebron won't even be the best James in the league next year (most likely).

21. He is not scared of Ghosts

---One of his best friends is named Casper.

22. I haven't heard anything negative about him

Except his weaknesses page on And they gave Casper Ware a 0, so ... (hint: don't listen to them).

23. Dennis Lindsey hates the phrase "Core Four"

--- The addition of James Ennis will force Jazz fans to come up with a new nickname, maybe something our GM actually likes this time.

24. James Ennis will make Utah an attractive destination for superstars (Kyrylo Fesenko, for one).

---Because he is one himself. Also, Kobe even went out of his way to try to shake his hand. And he was nice enough to let him. Most humble superstar ever.

25. He probably asked his own AD to shorten his highlight video so he could really take the NBA by storm next year.

LBSU Basketball: James Ennis 2012-13 Highlight Reel (via lbsuathletics)

26. Dennis Lindsey is great at finding 2nd round gems.

Hopefully, he will find someone awesome to pair with our lotto pick of Ennis.

27. Opponent game planning would be impossible.

Spoelstra: How are we going to stop Ennis?

James: I'll take him

*Lebron starts guarding Kanter

*Joel Anthony on Ennis

*Ennis goes off for 50

*Lebron gets shut down, but Enes gives him a Turkish delight afterwards to cheer him up

28. He is training in LA. (aka learning the Lakers' secrets for us, and convincing Earl Clark to sign with us to be his backup, a role Clark would gladly accept).

James Ennis 2013 NBA Draft Workout - Big Time Athlete - Long Beach State (via CityLeagueHoopsTV)

29. Bryon Russell got his number retired at LBSU.

--He may finally come back to a Jazz game to see a fellow alum and superstar.

30. His flight to Utah yesterday was good. His workout will be even better. Dennis won't be able to resist. James Ennis will lead us back to the promised land. He will make the players around him better (but not as good as him).

If KOC drafts Ennis, he will stop having nightmares about letting Kyrylo Fesenko, Casper Ware and Mo Williams go. (Those must be some crazy nightmares)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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