GM for a day

So I'm trying to fill some roster spots this offseason. I have 3 draft picks 14, 21, 47th??. I have let ALL of my PG's go and have Foye, Marvin, Evans and the Core 4 remaining. I'm looking to improve my defense and 3 point shooting this offseason.

My PRIORITY by Position

(Note - the players listed below are only guys I like. That's why over rated guys like MCW didn't make my list)

Priority 1 - PG (I need at least 2)

I target either Jack, Collison or Teague as free agents and pick up Schroeder or Kabongo with my 21st pick. Then I take either Larkin or Ray McCollum with my 2nd round pick

Priority 2 - C (I need 1)

Draft defensive minded Rudy Goobers

pay the price to buy out contract of previously drafted 1st Team Euro leaguer Ante Tomic

pick up Brandon Wright in FA for nothing

Priority 3 - PF (I can only pick 1)

D West - West is playing like a beast in the playoffs. His career numbers are almost identical to Millsap. Disadvantage is his age. Advantage is his size / strength

C Landry - has the best numbers of the 3

JJ Hickson - plays bigger than 6'9"

Since neither of the guys above are likely willing to come off the bench behind Favors, draft Tony Mitchell or Patric Young

Priority 4 - SG (3 point shooting)

Korver and Foye paired together will be the closest we will come to GS Curry / K Thompson duo but who would start?

Priority 5 - SF

Igoudala (if available for $10mil or less) is the highest profile small forward available. I wonder why he is opting out of Denver? I would then use Hayward as the 6th man

Would you be a happy Jazz fan if I put this either of these teams on the court this fall while still being in a "rebuild"?

PG - Jack / Shroeder / Larkin

SG - Foye / Burks

SF - Igoudala / Hayward / Marvin

PF - Favors / Landry or West / Evans

C - Kanter / Gobert


PG - Jack / Burks / Shroeder

SG - Foye / Korver

SF - Hayward / Marvin

PF - Favors / Tomic / Evans

C - Kanter / Gobert

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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