The Downbeat: The "We Have Kanter Kontakt" Edition

Kanter Slam - Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Where in the world is Karmen Kanter-iego?

Marc Stein tweeted this out yesterday.

In case you don't remember about Mekel here is a refresher article from TrueHoop last year about him. An excerpt:

A new name has emerged in the race to become Israel's second-ever NBA player alongside Cleveland's Omri Casspi.
Point guard Gal Mekel impressed the Utah Jazz in a recent audition to such a degree that the Jazz, according to sources close to the situation, have extended an unexpected invitation to training camp to Mekel, who played two seasons at Wichita State from 2006-08.
But sources told that visa complications have made it unlikely that Mekel could be ready to join the Jazz before the end of the coming week at the earliest, by which point he'd have already missed several practices, thus setting him back and complicating any attempt to try to make Utah's roster.
So the most likely scenario now, sources say, is that Mekel, 24, will play in Europe for one more season before coming back to the States to play summer league ball next July. During last week's visit to Utah's practice facility, sources say Mekel impressed Jazz officials in pickup games with his ballhandling, size, ability to read the game and, most of all, his effectiveness in pick and rolls. The suggestion is that the 6-foot-4, 190-pounder might actually be more effective in the NBA game than he is internationally, particularly in pick-and-roll situations, because the lane tends to be so much more clogged overseas.
Since leaving the collegiate ranks, Mekel has won both Rookie of the Year (2009) and league MVP (2011) awards in his homeland during a three-season run in the Israeli Super League, bouncing between perennial European powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv and Gilboa Galil Elyon. Mekel spent the 2011-12 season with Benetton Treviso in Italy but was slowed by a bout with plantar fasciitis.

We completely forgot about this guy as a point guard prospect. This would fit in with the Jazz's new "lean" doctrine going into next year. During his most recent season he averaged this per game.

Minutes Points Rebounds Assists FG % 3 PT % Steals FT % TO
32.1 13.1 2.7 5.3 52.6 33.8 1.3 77.7 2.6

Just a friendly reminder:

One thing is for sure this offseason. Gordon Hayward is improving his game. His FIFA game. (Which is an awesome game, fwiw).

This season is far from the Summer of Enes of 2012. Well, we might have had a sighting.

This matches up. Because a couple days earlier another person tweeted in Chicago this:

But ere we believe that Enes Kanter is in Chicago we then have this tweet today:

Which if you translate it means "Enes Kanter in person. This hot or what."

Then we have this tweet from Enes. It seems he is reaching out through Turkish.


The divine blessings of the Earth and enlightened ... "

Which if you translate that means "Give me more minutes." I think.

If you or others have more information leading to the discovery of Enes Kanter. Please notify us.

So far it looks like Jeremy Evans, Derrick Favors, and Alec Burks have all been at P3 this year. Gordon Hayward has been visited a contemporary advanced gym in Indianapolis. Enes Kanter is recuperating from his shoulder surgery and I can only imagine he'll be back to the states here soon once his shoulder is healed up. He'll most likely be at P3 later in the summer.

On a completely serious note, it's nice to see the work ethic that all these young guys have. They are dedicated to their craft and they work hard to get better at what they do. It seems they understand the collective weight that is now on their shoulders.

There are no veterans to pick up the slack anymore. Big Al is not there to check in and score some vital points for them anymore. Paul Millsap isn't there to direct the flow of the offense. This is their team now. They must lead now. They must step up now. It's nice to see that all of them understand that this season is different.

It's an exciting transition here in Jazzland.

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