Alec Burks: Not a Shooting Guard.

(This originated as a response to a comment, by nkeith I think. It expanded into a big long thing, hence the odd change in tone. I hope you come to your senses on Alice Burns).

He doesn't even have a 2-guard body, imo. Height and weight aren't the end all be all. LeBron and Malone are the first example that comes to mind on that front.

Body types are arguably more important than any particular physical benchmark. Burks, to me, looks like a PG. A modern one. Look at what Tony Parker is. That is not really what we're basing our definition of point guard on. He doesn't really have crazy vision, his passes are to spots where he knows guys are going to be - his chemistry with his players is through the roof. In that regard, he is as close to a prototypical point guard as we have in the modern era.

In my mind, we can't really go to war with an ace distributor unless he is on a Steve Nash level, or also very capable defensively or scoring himself. Generally, if a guy isn't athletic enough to be the defender/scorer, he's limited to other aspects of the game. Mainly, passing and shooting. Johnny Twelve wasn't the guy getting the ball all the time growing up, so he developed a vision for the game.

I know how that feels. You can become a fly on the wall if you aren't aggressive enough to take bad shots in pickup games/youth leagues/up to AAU-HS level leagues. If you're playing within the system set in front of you and you aren't going to break out of that and take your shots, or if you have more gifted teammates taking them from you, it's natural to develop faster when it comes to spot up shooting and distributing. All Jose Calderon-s and Greivis Vasquez-s, UNITE!

Right now? Burks can get to the rim. He can slash, get to the line, shows promise in the pick and roll, still struggles shooting off the dribble and from long range, and has shown improvement in both shot selection and the ability to, you know, make the shots.

Sounds an awful lot like that Tony Parker guy in those wobbly newborn-colt stages of his NBA career. Except our guy has a style in his athleticism similar to (in STYLE, not level) a more below-the-rim Russell Westbrook. Honestly, put in a position against guys generally at least a couple inches shorter than him, he's going to feel huge and likely will have a chance to add a Dwayne-Wade style post game, if he proves capable. That 'I'll jump over you here in the middle of this key and drop in easy bucket after easy bucket' game.

We've already seen him challenge top shot blockers (Larry Sanders in 'The Respectable Rejection'). I've watched a video of Alec taking a single little hop step into a jump, off of two feet, and throw down a between the legs dunk over his left shoulder - with ease.

He's got the capability to really separate himself from his matchup each night with his athleticism. The organization simply has to acknowledge that this is technically at the 'point guard position.'

In reality, this is playing your players to their strengths. This is running a basketball team. It's an elegant, decades long game of chess, and all the pieces on the board have a set of abilities unique to themselves. We could have a (couple) queen(s), if only we weren't so busy convincing ourselves we have a...rook.

I'm not going to ask. I know you see what I did there.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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