The Tank Goodness Plan #1072

This is my response to the downbeat number 1072 in which Peter Novak asked several of the writers to post what they would do if they were calling the shots this summer. It is mostly a hybrid of #2 and #3.

Step 1 Draft:

2013 #7 Pick via Kings -> Trey Burke

The first thing I would do is to trade up to get Trey Burke. It has been suggested that The Kings would consider a deal that sent our pick #14 and cap relief for Hayes, Thornton and #7. I would do this deal.

I would also package Burks & our 14th pick to move up (not Favors, Kanter, or Hayward though).

2013 #13 Pick via Mavs -> BPA (Gorgui Dieng?)

I would also try and get the Mavs #13 pick by taking on Shawn Marion’s contract. I would arrange a buyout of the contract. If I could trade pick #46 or the rights to Ante Tomic to the Mavs for additional cash I would do that. I would be looking for the best player available but hoping that it was a big that complimented Favors and Kanter or a 3 point shooting wing to compliment Trey Burke and Gordon Hayward. I am especially interested in Gorgui Dieng, CJ McCollum, Shabazz Muhammad, and Steven Adams.

2013 #14 Pick -> Traded to Kings

2013 #21 Pick -> Trade to Cavs for #31 & #33

I would pick Shane Larkin if he is still available (unless I picked up CJ McCollum). I think he would be a very solid backup point guard and compliment Trey Burk. If he isn’t available I would try and trade the pick to the Cavs for #31 and #33. They have expressed interest in another pick in the first round.

I would try and get a good backup point guard for Burke and I think that having two shots (#31 and #33) would give us a better chance than just 1 shot, even if it is at #21.

2013 #31 Pick -> Best Point Guard Available: Myck Kabango, Nate Wolters, Peyton Siva

I would be looking for a solid backup point guard for Trey Burke; a 15 minute a night kind of guy.

2013 #33 Pick -> BPA: Sergey Karasev, Jeff Withey, Ricky Ledo, Giannis Adetokundo,

2013 #46 Pick -> Seth Curry

This would give us 5 rookies and 3 solid veterans adding to the 6 guys we already have under contract and we suddenly have a full roster.

Step 2 Re-signing Own Free Agents: I wouldn't sign any of our own free agents, I would bring Travis Leslie, Jerel McNeal, and Kevin Murphy to camp but no contracts. I would also look at other players that we evaluated in our Free Agent Minicamp.

Step 3 Adding Other Teams Free Agents:

I would look for a starting point guard. Option 1 – Beno Udrih, Option 2 – Luke Ridnour Option 3 – Jaret Jack. It would have to be a 2 year contract or less because the plan is for Trey Burke to be starting by the All Star Weekend.

Step 4 Trades:

No Trades.


Point Guard - Trey Burke, Beno Udrih, Myck Kabango

Shooting Guard –Alec Burks, Marcus Thornton

Small Forward - Gordon Hayward, Marvin Williams, Sergey Karasev

Power Forward – Derek Favors, Jeremy Evans, Chuck Hayes, (Marvin Williams)

Center – Enes Kanter, (Derek Favors), Gorgui Dieng

Other: Seth Curry, Travis Leslie, Jerel McNeal, Kevin Murphy

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
PG1 Trey Burke (Pick #7) $2,413,300 $2,521,900 $2,630,500
PG2 Myck Kabango (Pick #31) $744,980
PG3 Beno Udrih $6,000,000
Wing1 Marvin Williams $7,500,000
Wing2 G. Hayward $3,452,183 $9,000,000 $9,675,000
Wing3 Alec Burks $2,202,000 $3,034,356
Wing4 Sergey Karasev (Pick #33) $694,020
Wing5 Marcus Thornton $8,050,000 $8,575,000
Big1 D. Favors $6,008,196 $11,000,000 $11,825,000
Big2 Enes Kanter $4,505,280 $5,694,674
Big3 Jeremy Evans $1,660,257 $1,795,000
Big4 Chuck Hayes $5,722,500 $5,958,750
Big5 Gorgui Dieng (Pick #13) $1,655,300 $1,729,800 $1,804,300
Other Shawn Marrion $8,000,000
Other Seth Curry (Pick #46) $490,180 $816,482 $947,276
Other Travis Leslie
Other Jerel McNeal
$59,098,196 $50,125,962 $26,882,076
Estimated Salary Cap $58,044,000 $62,100,000 $63,342,000
Estimated Luxury Tax Line $71,600,000 $75,700,000 $77,214,000

Advantages to this plan:

  • It would give our young core lots of good minutes to develop. Favors, Kanter, Hayward would be the clear starters at their positions and Burks and Burke should be where Hayward was last year (lots of good minutes with the chance to take the starting position).
  • It would give us a lot of potentially good young players to fit around our young core.
  • This isn’t a bad season to lose games due to growing pains, next year’s draft (at least the first 10-12 players) should be great.
  • We will be able to keep our cap room for Hayward and Favors in 2014/15 with room to add a few pieces.
  • The defense should improve significantly with Favors and Kanter starting together.
  • This roster is so young we would lose a lot of games. We could form a losing culture.
  • We would be letting some of our best players over the last few years walk away with no return.

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