FTL's 2013 NBA Mock Draft- Early June edition.

Just a quick Mock Draft for the fun of it here in early June. I'm going to try to do another one later on closer to the draft when workouts and thing start to settle what range players will go in. Like it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments =).

1st Cavs- Otto Porter. SF.
Call me crazy but I think Otto Porter fits like a glove for the Cavs. I think they'll try to trade back but won't be able to and instead will take the guy they want.

2nd Magic- Nerlens Noel. C
I originally had the Magic taking McLemore. I think Noel and Vucevic would be an interesting big pairing. I think they like Harris and Harkless and will roll with them.

3rd Wizards- Ben McLemore. SG
Wizards will jump at McLemore here. They need someone to pair with Wall in the backcourt and McLemore would be that guy.

4th Bobcats- Anthony Bennett. PF
Charlotte needs a decent big man in the worst way. I think Bennett is the best scoring big man in this draft. Charlotte would do well to grab him.

5th Suns- Victor Oladipo. SF
Phoenix needs help pretty much all over except for PG and maybe C. Oladipo is best player available and gives them a great defensive wing for the future.

6th Pelicans- Shabazz Muhammad. SF
Call me crazy. I probably am. Hornets dunno what's gonna happen in the future with Gordon and they are losing Aminu in free agency. Shabazz kinda kills two birds with one stone. He has potential to be scoring wing to replace Gordon but fills in for Aminu right away.

7th Kings- Trey Burke. PG
They could go Alex Len and have a really young and dominate big man core. However, I don't think their FO is that crazy. They'll grab Burke and try to shore up their guard position. I imagine Jimmer is on trading block by trade deadline.

8th Pistons- CJ McCollum. PG/SG
Is he a PG is he a SG? The Pistons will take the risk and figure it out. They are sorta going through the same thing with Knight. I could see them throwing out a McCollum and Knight back court in 2 years.

9th Timberwolves- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. SG
Timberwolves are looking for a shooting guard who can actually....shoot well. Caldwell-Pope can do that. It's a slight reach but hey, it's the Timberwolves!

10th Blazers- Alex Len. C
He's really fallen. Blazers will jump all over him and put him next to Aldridge. He's a steal at the 10th pick.

11th Sixers- Cody Zeller. C
Sixers kinda lost out on the Bynum experience. They may try to resign him but just in case they don't they'll grab a big man. Cody Zeller is pretty talented and is a huge upgrade over Hawes.

12th Thunder- Rudy Gobert. C
The Thunder need a big man. Gobert's size is too impressive to pass up. They can also bring him a long slowly while he develops. No need to rush. Steven Adams would make sense here too but I think Gobert's size will hypnotize OKC.

13th Mavericks- Sergey Karasev. SF
Word on the street is Mavs are looking to trade out of this pick and dump salary to make a run at Dwight Howard. Lets assume they pick though. They'll want an international they can keep overseas and not have to pay right away. Karasev is a better shooter than Saric and the Mavs will need wing help down the road. Makes sense to draft him and stash him

14th Jazz- Dennis Schroeder. PG
Yea. We need a PG. Schroeder seems to be really really raw but also seems to have a decent ceiling. I think the Jazz will take the gamble here and take him.

15th Bucks- Michael Carter-Williams. PG
They are probably going to resign Ellis over Jennings. They'll need a PG and MCW is just sitting here ripe for the picking. MCW won't demand a lot of offensive touches which will be perfect to pair with Ellis.

16th Celtics- Steven Adams. C
Celtics will probably chase a big man in free agency to make one last run. That being said they'll probably take a big man and Adams is that guy.

17th Hawks- Kelly Olynyk. C
Josh Smith is leaving. There is a hole to fill. I've heard that the Hawks might go after a guy like Al. I think a potential stretch big like Olynyk makes sense to pair with Horford though.

18th Hawks- Jamaal Franklin. SG
There has been a hole on the wing since Joe Johnson. With Caldwell-Pope gone Franklin is the next best slim pickings at SG.

19th Cavs- Mason Plumlee. C
I had the Cavs passing on Noel for Porter with the first pick. Think they shore up their bench with another big. Mason Plumlee would be a decent get at 19. The senior from Duke will give them some maturity and experience to their young team on the bench.

20th Bulls- Gorgui Dieng. C
I can't tell you how much I want him to slip to 21. He just seems to be tailor made for the Bulls here if he's available. He's got potential to be a defensive monster. Thibs would love to have his skill set.

21st Jazz- Dario Saric. SF
I think Saric is an interesting international prospect. Being a 6'10 is intriguing. He's had flashes of being a decent player. He also has terrible percentages. Does he turn into another AK? Does he turn into another Jan Vesely? I dunno. It's a gamble.

22nd Nets- Reggie Bullock. SF
Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson anchor the Nets at the wing. They don't have much youth behind them though other than Marshon Brooks. Think they take Bullock here.

23rd Pacers- Tony Mitchell. PF
West's contract is up and all they have behind him is Mahinmi and Hansbrough. I assume they'll try to resign West or go after someone like Millsap but just in case Mitchell may make sense. He's slightly undersized at 6'9 but his huge wingspan makes up for that.

24th Knicks- Shane Larkin. PG
Jason Kidd retires. Raymond Felton is running your O. Shane Larkin would be a good backup to Felton.

25th Clippers- Tim Hardaway Jr. SG
Losing Billups, Hill, and Barnes will thin out the Clippers wing situation. Hardaway could compete with Willie Green and Butler for starting SG right away. I think they keep Crawford as a 6th man.

26th Timberwolves- Lucas Nogueira. C
Drafting another big would make sense if they decide not to pick up Stiemsma's contract. Could also stash him til they are ready to bring him over.

27th Nuggets- Tony Snell. SF
I imagine they'll try to resign Iggy but he's opting out no matter what. They are also probably losing Corey Brewer to FA. Just in case they'll take a guy to replace Iggy and Snell could be that guy.

28th Spurs- Jeff Withey. C
Would be another steal for the Spurs. I'm not big on Withey but he seems like he could replace Splitter and having Pop as his coach could really get him to focus.

29th Thunder- Giannas Adetokunbo. SF
Another guy like Gobert who could be brought a long slowly. Has huge length and looks like he has a higher ceiling. Really raw though. If the Thunder can develop him. He'd be an interesting back up to Durant. Just as long and lanky. Matchup nightmare.

30th Suns- Ricky Ledo. SG
He's shooting up draft boards with each workout. He's a scoring machine from what I hear. He could end up going higher than this in the end but right now he'd be a good pick for the Suns at 30. Grabbing Ledo to pair with Oladipo on the wings would set them up for the future. A scorer and a defensive wing. Hornacek would start to have a decent core to build around.

Just some more quick thoughts:

It sounds like the Pelicans really like Saric at this point. I think 6 is way to high to be going for him though. Oddly, the Pelicans only have 1 draft pick this year. Call me crazy. Maybe something could be done with the Jazz and Pelicans here tradewise. I kept thinking that even though teams want to trade back in this draft, none of them are really going to be looking for 2 first round draft picks. Maybe the Pelicans would though, considering they only have 1 pick this year and are fine cap space wise.

Jazz could potentially want to move up in the draft if Trey Burke is available. I have him available here at the 6th pick. Many other mocks do too. Lets say the Pelicans are interested. They give up the 6th pick for the 14th and 21st. The Jazz draft Trey Burke at 6. Pelicans draft Saric at 14 (should be available) and then can address another need like back up PG at 21 and take Shane Larkin.

If that's not enough maybe the Jazz can entice the Pelicans a little more by adding Jeremy Evans or Kevin Murphy in the deal.

Second thought. If the Jazz can get the 13th pick before the draft starts from the Mavs. I think they should do it.

Third thought. When FA starts, I'd like the Jazz to eat Kris Humphries 12 million dollar expiring contract for the year for the Nets 2014 first round draft pick. I don't think their billionaire owner cares about the luxary cap but dumping Humphries contract would save them a ton of money.

Fourth thought. If the Celtics want to sign and trade for Millsap or Al. I'd listen to their offers. Bradley, Terry, and Green interest me to an extent. Oh also Rondo (pipe dream).

Fifth thought. I think a there will be plenty of teams looking to trade back in the top 10. I don't think they'll find much success though. The Jazz might be one of the few teams that try to move up.

Sixth thought. I think there is a team that is going to do something crazy and reach a ton for a player. I dunno who, but I think it happens. I think Ledo and Muscala are guys that might be reached for.

Seventh thought. I like Peyton Siva in the second round around the Jazz's pick.

Eighth thought. Houston only has 1 pick in the second round. They are trying to shed salary so they can get Howard. They are trying to dump Thomas Robinson. He's really struggled in his first year. Still, he was the fifth pick last year. I bet Houston would take the Jazz's 21st pick for him. They could sign an international player and stash him. Saving them money for Dwight. I'm intrigued by Robinson. I know some aren't.

Anyways I'll stop now. Thanks for reading =)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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