NBA Summer League 2013: Utah Jazz (2-1) vs Indiana Pacers (1-2) Game Thread


Orlando Summer League 2013

Game 4: Indiana Pacers (1-2) @ Utah Jazz (2-1)

This is the last round robin game for the Jazz at the Orlando Summer league. While their record is 2-1, what matters here for Friday's Championships are how many points they finish with. Evan, who is down there at the games, fixed this up for Orlando Pinstriped Post (the SB Nation Magic blog):

Team W L % Standings
+/-2 PA3
Oklahoma City Thunder 4 0 1.000 20 25 283
Houston Rockets 3 0 1.000 16 29 229
Utah Jazz 2 1 0.667 14 25 213
Boston Celtics 2 2 0.500 14 18 317
Miami Heat* 2 1 0.667 14 11 235
Indiana Pacers* 1 2 0.333 11 11 227
Detroit Pistons* 1 2 0.333 9 -25 239
Orlando Magic* 1 2 0.333 8 -8 261
Philadelphia 76ers 0 3 0.000 4 -41 258
Brooklyn Nets 0 3 0.000 2 -45 267
1: Three points for a win, one point for every quarter won, 0.5 points for every quarter tied. These points determine seeding for Championship Day, set for Friday, July 12th.
2: For seeding purposes, scoring differential is the first tiebreaker.
3: For seeding purposes, points allowed is the second tiebreaker.
*: Idle.

The only teams playing today are:

  • Indiana Pacers @ Utah Jazz
  • Miami Heat @ Detroit Pistons
  • Houston Rockets @ Brooklyn Nets
  • Philadelphia 76ers @ Orlando Magic

Out of all the teams playing today, the Nets and 76ers can't catch the Jazz. The Pistons, Magic, and Pacers can leap-frog us. We're tied with the Heat and the Rockets are ahead of us. Effectively, we have a slim chance to make it to the championship (1st vs 2nd game) but it will be hard.

It's going to be very hard because the one team ahead of us (Hou) is playing the worst team today (Bkn) and should pick up a few points, if not another 7. It's also going to be hard because we'll be playing Indy, who aren't THAT bad. Whatever happens it's going to be fun today.

Jeremy Evans has been playing better and better. Our bench came to play last game, led by Raul Neto. Alec Burks still gets to the line, is making his FTs, finishes crazy layups, and is now hitting jumpers off the curl. And well, at some stage Trey Burke is going to have a good game. The bad guys have been led by Miles Plumlee, Solomon Hill, Orlando Johnson, and Donald Sloan. They've kept the same starters each time around and don't switch things up nearly as much as we have.

I don't know if Rudy Gobert will play today, but he and Evans have been clogging up the paint really well, getting boards, and finishing with dunks. Indy may be a bit big for us if we don't have Mont Bloc out there. We're going to have a bit more Rasid Mahalbasic out there today.

Tip off is at 9:00 am Mountain time (11:00 am EST), and the game is available on NBA TV, or IT"S ON RIGHT NOW!


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