Why much depends on Bruke and why he needs to be the new leader

With coach Sloan the Jazz had a concrete identity; they were tough, scrappy, and hard workers. They weren't the most athletic but they were tough mentally - this showed with how well they played on away games. With the 'revolt' lead by Deron Williams and the ushering of the new era, the Jazz found freedom but lost direction. The team had no spirit, no identity, and muddled in mediocrity. Coach Corbin seemed to lack character and looked passive and soft as well - ok this is an skewed assessment of personal nature and I apologize to coach but I do not mean it to be critical just observational which I may always be wrong.

Now, with all the veterans gone a new culture needs to be implemented. I want to see fire, competitive spirit, strong will and a camaraderie amongst the teammates. (I wanted someone to smack Delonte West after he did the unfathomable act in a professional sports setting by wet willeying Hayward. Everyone just stood there and watched while Hayward's pride was being stepped on).

Now with a clean start with the younger generation of players, we need a new culture and I believe Trey Burke is capable of leading this group and he absolutely needs to take on that responsibility. Here's some pointers why he has to be the main man.

1. Trey Burke knows how to win. He knows the winning attitude and knows what it takes to win.

2. We need a new attitude and what better way than to start with a refreshing new rookie who can bring a new attitude into the locker room.

3. He's the point guard and by default in Jazznation, points guard assume the leadership role.

4. I think Trey Burke's biggest strength is his toughness and work ethics. Not the most athletic but works hard to compensate for the lack of it. (anyone see the parallels to Stockton?)

I hope to see coach give Burke that leadership role early on and give him a sense of purpose and responsibility. If we are to start new, we need to start quick and I believe putting the emphasis on Burke is one of the keys to the success of the new team.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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